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For 14 years, Dod Law, APC, in Vista and Downtown San Diego, California, has represented hundreds of San Diego-area clients who have been accused of serious crimes. Led by Dod Ghassemkhani, our law firm is reliable, knowledgeable and skilled in criminal defense. Our clients agree, too, and have provided a number of testimonials to attest to our success. Call Dod Law, APC, for a free consultation at 619-814-5110.

Learn From Our Satisfied Clients

Saved My Military Career

I was referred to attorney Dod from a co-worker's friend who retained him on an assault case. Dod got that case dismissed. I am in the military, and was involved in a fight at a bar, and charged with several felonies. Attorney Dod got my charges reduced to a single misdemeanor with some anger management classes. He answers every call, text, or email immediately. Thank you!!


The Best In The Business

This guy is fantastic, caring, and professional. Even though I was worried throughout the whole process, I realized I didn't need to be because Dod was on top of everything.


Saved My Job, My Security Clearance, And No Jail Time

I initially hired another lawyer who did nothing to be proactive with my case. I faced two felonies that the district attorney wasn't willing to offer a deal with. Dod not only went to the accident scene, took photos and video but immediately had me start attending daily AA meetings and provided the paperwork for signatures. He then had me volunteer to have a SCRAM anklet. It wasn't fun, but those two things gave Dod the leverage to plead my two felonies to a misdemeanor DUI. Saving my job, my security clearance and no jail time. The previous lawyer I had seemed to be just hoping for the best.


The Best Money Ever Spent For My Freedom

In July 2016, I got arrested for illegal gun possession and faced four years of prison time. In my defense, I initially hired an LA-based attorney to represent me. Unfortunately, this attorney ended up way underqualified in dealing with the prosecuting district attorney. He was terrible at communicating, was late to every court date and — to make matters worse — the "deal" he negotiated with the DA was no deal at all. Feeling woefully underrepresented, it was obvious I needed to hire someone else, someone local, someone more aggressive and more experienced with the San Diego court system. Desperate for better representation, I called a number of local attorneys, but ended up very impressed with Dod. Even though I didn't even leave a message, he called me back immediately. From the beginning, it was apparent that he was the right attorney. He asked me all the right questions, was honest and upfront with the facts, and formulated a "game plan" to deal with my situation. And his rates were reasonable. In general, I felt like he knew what he was doing, and that made me feel like I could trust him with my life (literally). In the end, he negotiated a great deal that included probation only with a few days of community service that kept me out of jail. I couldn't be happier. It was the best money I have ever spent for my freedom.


You Will Not Be Sorry For Retaining Him

There are not enough stars to even begin to rate Mr. Ghassemkhani. He deserves so much more than a five-star rating. This man is a blessing in my life. After having my first DUI/car accident (Thank God, I did not hurt anyone.) with a BAC of .27 and spending 18 hours in a holding cell, I was scared out of my mind and not knowing what would happen next. I retained the services of Mr. Ghassemkhani. He assured me that if I listened to what he said and followed his instructions things would be better. I was so happy when he said if I had any questions I could call, email, or text him at any time. As my questions arose, Mr. Ghassemkhani was always responsive and communicated with me in detail throughout the whole process.

In following everything he told me to do, I found that the horror I thought was awaiting me had been lessened by Mr. Ghassemkhani's knowledge of the legal system and his experience working with the district attorney, prosecutors, and judges. Mr. Ghassemkhani is a well-respected professional within the Southern California legal arena, and I strongly recommend you contact him. He will fight for you and ease the pain in your time of need. If you are reading these reviews that means you need his help. So call him now, do not wait, listen, and do everything he says. You will not be sorry for retaining his services.


Mr. Ghassemkhani Kept Me Out Of Jail

Mr. Ghassemkhani kept me out of jail. Even though it was only my first DUI, my BAC was so high the district attorney demanded 120 days jail time. I was terrified. But, Mr. Ghassemkhani reassured me that if I followed his directions I would stay out of jail, and he was right. I am so glad that I hired him to represent me. He helped make what could have been a nightmarish experience relatively painless. I highly recommend his services to anyone facing a DUI conviction.


He Was So Upfront And Easy To Talk To

What really struck me about Dod was that he was so calming. I was in a panic state and scared after my DUI arrest and as soon as I spoke with him over the phone, I felt a sense of calm come over me. He was so upfront with me and extremely easy to talk to. I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

Former client

Affordable / Reasonable/ Professional / Reliable

Very affordable/reasonable. Very professional. Very reliable and most importantly he got the job done for me. And, in the end, I had nothing but a big smile on my face. I appreciate his work and would recommend him to anyone. My first offense with a .10 BAC, and he got it dropped to reckless driving. I am thankful and appreciative of his work. He was always there to answer any questions as well as responding in a timely manner. He also made sure to keep me posted with everything that was going on with my case. And when he says that you'll never have to step foot in the courtroom that's exactly what he means. Not once did I ever have to see the judge, he handled everything for me and kept me posted with whatever was going on. I'm blessed and thankful with the results. This whole process was a huge lesson learned. Thanks again for everything Mr. Ghassemkhani. Hands down, you definitely are the best.

Former client

Saved My License

I can't thank Dod enough. He saved not only my driver's license but my health profession license as well. I had a DUI with refusal, and walked away with a reckless driving. He couldn't have made the process any easier; very professional. He put me at ease and took care of everything without a hitch. Thank you so much Dod. I intend to never need your services again, but am so happy I found you in my time of need.


Excellent Defense Attorney Who Cares About You

Having never been in trouble with the law before, I didn't know what to expect. I had heard horror stories from some of my friends who had gotten arrested, retained an attorney and could never get a hold of him/her, and felt like they were very low on their lawyer's priority list. Dod is the opposite. You can tell he loves what he does and he is extremely attentive, always gets back right away, puts you at ease with your situation, and keeps you updated at each step along the way. He goes above and beyond, and I can see why he gets such high reviews. I was in fear of my life being ruined because of an arrest and he "saved the day." When facing charges, it is a very frightening situation. Dod walked me through the process and made it so much less scary. It ended up coming to a very favorable conclusion. I couldn't have made it through without his extensive knowledge, expertise, professionalism and care.


Great Attorney With Lots Of Experience

Dod is a great attorney with lots of experience and always there for you with answers to your questions and the status on your case. He is polite and brings you up to date on your case. Very reasonably priced and worth it. We got through my case expeditiously. If he tells you to do something, follow through on it and get it done; any of the items he needs get them to him right away. Don't hesitate. He will be honest with you and get done what he tells you he will get done. He has great follow through. Make time to meet him at least once. He will go out of his way to that. He is worth the money. I know when you are shopping for attorneys, it's hard to make a choice. When I was charged with DUI, I made the right choice in hiring Dod. Choose Dod, and you will be happy.


I Would Recommend Him Without Hesitation To Anyone Facing A DUI

I'm extremely pleased with Dod's services. He was informative, professional, friendly and kept me posted and up to date at all times. His results were better than I expected, and I couldn't be happier considering the circumstances. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone facing a DUI.


Communicated Through Phone, Email And Text To Make Things Easy For On-The-Go Clients

Excellent. I never had to go to a court appearance. I also had a prior DUI, and I didn't have to do any jail time. He also met me at my job so that I didn't have to miss any work hours. He has a great payment option, which really helped me out a lot. Dod communicated through phone, email and text to make things easy for on-the-go clients.


Kept Me Informed Through Every Step

Dod was awesome and made sure to keep me informed through every step of the process. He was able to get a DUI charge brought down to a wet reckless, cutting down the fees and penalties drastically.

Former client

I Don't Think I Could Have Selected A Better Lawyer

Honestly, I don't think I could have selected a better lawyer in helping me through my DUI. He was always easy to get a hold of, answered my questions and made all the legal jargon understandable. Dod was very professional and made the whole process smooth and painless. I highly recommend his services to anyone going through a similar ordeal.

Former client

The One To Go To For Your DUI

I got DUIs back in 2008 and 2010 and a third in 2015. Though I was not proud of what I had done, I felt I was an honest good person who made a mistake. Having three DUIs on my record, I thought my life would fall apart. I had a good reputation at work and with friends and family, and the last thing I needed was to lose my job and disappoint my family. Dod was there for me. He was forward with me on what the outcome might be, but gave me good advice on what I needed to do. He answered every text/email/call within a reasonable time and was affordable for the great work he put in for me. I went to court thinking of the worst, and the judge ended up giving me a break. I owe it all to Dod. I couldn't have done this without his help. He is the one to go to for your DUI.

Former client

Was Very Easy To Get A Hold

Dod was fast to get back to me and came up with a plan to allow me to move forward with life and put the situation behind me. He was very easy to get a hold of throughout the whole process. And that is very important.

Former client

Great Lawyer Who Handled Everything

If you are lost in your DUI process, I suggest going with Mr. Ghassemkhani. He walked me through the whole process and handled all my court appearances and was very reasonable regarding payment. I am young and not yet set with my career, and he worked things out to make it very easy and affordable. Five stars all the way.


Will Go To Bat For You; Always Available To Answer Questions

I was arrested on a serious felony strike after being involved in a fight while intoxicated. Mr. G was knowledgeable and always available via text, email, phone to answer any questions. The district attorney wanted me to do six years. Mr. G told me the sentence was ridiculous. At the preliminary hearing, Mr. G cross-examined all the witnesses, and made each one of them appear untruthful. At the next court date, the district attorney gave me a non-strike with the chance to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor.

I am writing this because I know if you are reading it you are in a bad position like I was. I couldn't sleep, eat or concentrate. Mr. G will go to bat for you. He saved my life. I often think to myself, "What if I chose another attorney?" That thought is always in the back of my head. I hope this helps anyone in need of a criminal attorney who truly cares and is genuine.

Former client

Above And Beyond, And Satisfied With The Outcome

Mr. Ghassemkhani went above and beyond for me, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. I ran a stop sign and was pulled over, charged with my third DUI, which carries a mandatory four months in jail, three years without any possibility of a license, and a year and a half of DUI classes, fines and probation. Mr. Ghassemkhani got me a deal where I did no jail time. I also was charged as if it were my first DUI, so I only have three months of classes instead of 18 months. My license remains valid, and I still have my job. I have to say I was not expecting anything near to as good of a deal as the one Dod got for me. I will recommend him to everyone.


He Is A 10-Star Attorney

He is really a 10-star attorney, because he went above and beyond to support me and guide me through it all. He was patient and always returned my calls and texts. I never stressed about anything because he took care of it all. And step by step, he walked me through the entire process. He also gave me contacts for my SR-22 and DMV to get my insurance and driver's license back. After my case was done, he still answers any concerns I have, and told me that he will always be there for me when I can hopefully expunge my charge. I definitely would refer him to anyone in need. Thank you for everything.

Former client

Helped Reduce My Charges

I was pleased with Mr. Ghassemkhani's performance with my case. He is a pleasant and down-to-earth person and gave me the personal attention that one doesn't always get with some lawyers. He kept me well-informed about every aspect of my case, what needed to be done, and explained all the aspects of my case, so I would understand what was going on; step by step on what I needed to do. He also was honest about the different possible outcomes. I was impressed with his performance and even more so with outcome. He was able to reduce my charges. I would recommend Mr. Ghassemkhani to anyone in need of his expertise. I hope I never need him again, but if I do I would definitely call on him again.


Mr. Ghassemkhani Is The DUI Lawyer You Need

Dod Ghassemkhani really came through for me with remarkable results for which I am very thankful. Thank you, Dod. For anyone looking to hire the DUI lawyer, Mr. Ghassemkhani is the one. If he made it happen for me, I guarantee you, he will make it happen for you.

Former client

Aggressive And Intelligent

I was arrested for a felony and thought my life was over. I met Dod at his office, and he made me feel at ease, telling me he was going to take care of me. Dod pushed the district attorney's office to provide reports and evidence. The day of the preliminary hearing, he was prepared and cross-examined the detective so hard. Dod immediately told me it was a "weak" case and that we were not going to plead to a felony and jail time. Dod knew it was a political stunt and told me we were going to take the case all the way to trial. A week before trial, the district attorney offered a misdemeanor with no jail time. Dod always kept me updated and promptly answered any questions. He really cares about the outcome of a case and wants to win. He tells you how it is and the consequences. He also worked with me regarding payments and was worth every penny. Now, I get to move on with my life.


Professional And Knows His Craft

Mr. Ghassemkhani is great at his craft. He communicated with me continuously and helped me through my difficult and embarrassing DUI case. Based on what others have received with the same violation, I couldn't have asked for a better deal.


Down-To-Earth, Easy To Get In Contact With

Mr. Ghassemkhani got my case dismissed. I am so grateful he represented me. He is down-to-earth, and easy to get in contact with. I feel he genuinely cared about my case and for me as a person. It was such a stressful time for my family. I don't plan on getting in trouble again, but I highly recommend this attorney.

Former client

Glad He Was My Lawyer

I was in a pretty bad position facing my second DUI offense, only this time I had a felony for hitting a car then crashing into a pole and leaving the scene. I faced half a year. I'm screwed that's what I thought. I'm going to lose everything, including my business and my family who are going to be in the street. Luckily, my family found Dod. This guy is straightforward and tells you how things are going to work. He gave me a peace of mind, fixed everything and did the impossible for me and my family. He got me out of jail time and lowered a felony to a misdemeanor. I had only 10 consecutive weekends in custody and the rest outside on CPAC bracelet. I got to keep family safe and my business flowing. Take my word, he fights for you like hell.


Want An Attorney Who Specializes In DUI Matters? Dod Is Your Guy.

Most attorneys don't allow texting back and forth. Dod does, and it allows for any time correspondence to which he always responds immediately. Always. I found that to be incredible. I hired Dod for his experience in minimizing the outcome of a DUI. He did exactly that. While we did not get off, he did get the charge reduced to a "wet reckless" charge. Because of that, the fine was reduced. Again, going into this, our intent was to let an expert guide us to the best result from a bad situation. Dod was straightforward and honest, and worked hard in our effort. The immediate communication was a real asset. He's good.

Former client

A Lawyer Who Cares

Mr. Ghassemkhani was above and beyond my expectations, and the results of his work ethic were outstanding in my case. This man will work for you, and when I say work I mean work. I was charged with felony DUI and probation violations, yet I was able to avoid incarceration due to the efforts of this awesome lawyer. I highly recommend Mr. Ghassemkhani to anyone.


Thorough And Kept Me Updated In A Scary, Tedious Process

Dod was great to work with, and kept my worries at bay. He was thorough and kept me updated throughout this very scary and tedious process. He was able to bring my double DUI charges down to a probation. That is almost unheard of. I absolutely recommend him.


He Saved Us Time And Money

He saved us time and money. Successfully pleaded four charges down to a single charge. Extremely satisfied. If I ever need an attorney he is the first one I will call.


Handled all my matters quickly

Dod is an amazing attorney, very down-to-earth and professional. He handled all my matters quickly. He told me all the facts as they were presented and was able to get me a wet reckless. I am pleased with this outcome. He answered all my texts and emails promptly. Never left me without an answer.


Without a doubt, I highly recommend Dod Law

Having received a first offense DUI, my worries about representation were relieved after contacting Dod. He walked me through process of upcoming court dates and was available to answer myriad questions. Navigating my way through the court process would have been impossible without the genuine and professional assistance that Dod provided. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Dod Law, APC, to anyone needing competent representation.

Former client

His Consistent Updates Kept Me Aware, Prepared

Dod was very professional and timely about handling the entire process. His emails and consistent updates kept me aware and prepared. The results of the case were far better than I had even hoped. I am thankful for the work he put in for my case, and highly recommend his services to anyone in need.


Trustworthy And Intelligent

Hiring Mr. Ghassemkhani was the best move I ever made, following the worst move I ever made when I was arrested for DUI. Mr. Ghassemkhani was extremely professional, knowledgeable and prompt with responses to all of my questions. He managed to eliminate my community service component and helped me navigate this difficult and confusing experience. I hope I never have to retain his services again, but if I ever get in any trouble, he will be the first one I call. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Former client

Highly Recommend This Lawyer

I was impressed with the professionalism and promptness with how my case was handled from start to finish. I would highly recommend this lawyer.


Knowledgeable And Will Fight For You

Dod is straightforward and to the point, which I like. He is always willing to answer any legal-related question, and very knowledgeable about DUIs and will fight for you.


Knowledgeable And Efficient

Mr. Ghassemkhani represented me in my DUI case. He was very knowledgeable and efficient. I was looking at jail time and a felony. Mr. G fought the case. At the preliminary hearing, my case was reduced to a misdemeanor. I can't thank him enough. I highly recommend this attorney.

Former client

Pleased With How Stress-Free The Situation Was

I was very pleased with how stress-free the situation was and how professional he was. Also, I was happy with the outcome of the case.


A Great Advocate To Have

I got arrested for a DUI and was scared and nervous about what was going to happen after my day jail. I contacted Mr. Ghassemkhani, and I am so glad I did. He was a great advocate to have. I am grateful, and would recommend him to anybody who wants a great lawyer.


Easy To Contact, And Reassuring I Spoke With Him

I had never been in trouble, but I was arrested for DUI. My blood alcohol content was .22, and I was extremely intoxicated. Dod walked me through the entire process. He was very easy to contact, and very reassuring when I would talk to him. Instead of a nine-month program he got the district attorney to agree to a three-month program. He also saved me some community service days. I can't thank Dod enough.


Happy With My Results

I would highly recommend Dod Ghassemkhani if you are looking for a trustworthy lawyer. He answered any questions I had and responded back very promptly via email and telephone. He was a pleasure to work with, and I am happy with my results after court. Thank you again.


Easy To Reach, Cares About His Clients, Makes The Entire Process Stress-Free

Mr. Ghassemkhani represented me in my DUI case. He kept me well-informed. He was always easy to reach, and I could tell that he genuinely cared about me, while making the entire process stress-free. His knowledge and experience gave me the peace of mind that doesn't usually come with getting a DUI. I highly recommend Mr. Ghassemkhani to anyone going through the DUI process.


A Keen Skill Set, Understands The DUI Process, And Works Diligently To Provide The Best Legal Service

I was referred to Dod by another attorney. I took a chance on him, and now know it was the right decision. He has a keen skill set, understands the DUI process, and works diligently to provide me the best legal service. Dod is ethical and fair and I'm proud to call him my lawyer.


Satisfied Clients Because Of Results-Oriented Lawyer

Dod Law, APC, has hundreds of satisfied San Diego-area clients. Founded by Dod Ghassemkhani and based in Vista and Downtown San Diego, our law firm is known for being knowledgeable, attentive, understanding and aggressive. For a free consultation, call our lawyer in San Diego at 619-814-5110 or in Vista at 760-814-6025.