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    Sex Crimes
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    Sex Crimes

    Sex Crimes Defense Attorney | San Diego | Orange County

    Dod Law | Sex Crimes | San Diego | Orange County

    Whatever your circumstances, Dod Law, in Downtown San Diego, Vista and Orange County, California, defends your rights, channeling more than a decade’s worth of experience to create a solid defense on your behalf. Led by attorney Dod Ghassemkhani, our San Diego criminal defense lawyers focus on a variety of criminal defense cases, including sex crimes. Our team of legal professionals will do everything possible to fight for your best interests.

    Sex crimes are serious and require reliable representation from an experienced criminal defender. San Diego sex crimes defense lawyer Dod Ghassemkhani will listen and guide you through the legal process, while exploring possible solutions to your predicament.

    290 Sex Registration Requirement Under California State Law – San Diego Sex Crimes Attorney

    What Are the Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction?

    If charged with a sex offense in California, you are not only subject to jail or hefty fines, but also branded for life as a sex offender. The social ramifications of a sex crime are incalculable. They can prevent you from living in certain areas or even receiving employment because of your criminal record.

    California’s penalties are severe and unflinching. Unfortunately, allegations are frequent and can come from jealousy, anger, or revenge on the part of the accuser. These false allegations have the potential to destroy your professional career and personal relationships.

    What is Considered to Be a Sex Offense in California?

    Misdemeanor sex crimes result in often no more than a year in jail. While more minor than felonies, these offenses still have the power to damage your reputation. Misdemeanor sex crimes include:

    • Inappropriate touching of a child
    • Prostitution
    • Indecent exposure

    Felonies, however, have more severe punishments and can result in up to a lifetime in prison. Felony sex crimes include:

    • Rape (spousal and date)
    • Child pornography
    • Sexual battery
    • Lewd actions

    Sex offense charges are not for an inexperienced attorney. San Diego sex crimes attorney Mr. Ghassemkhani has the skills and legal knowledge to provide reliable and effective representation. In previous cases, he obtained three consecutive not guilty verdicts in felony cases, including an all-out acquittal on a client facing 25 years to life. Mr. Ghassemkhani will do all he can to use his reputation in the legal community for your favor.

    Hire a Reliable And Experienced San Diego Sex Crimes Attorney for Charges

    If you or a loved one faces sex crimes charges in the San Diego area, you require experienced legal representation. Steep fines and incarceration are strong possibilities, but Dod Law, in Downtown San Diego, Vista and Orange County, California, will fight for your rights. Mr. Ghassemkhani is an experienced San Diego sex crimes lawyer who has been in practice for more than a decade.

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