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    When a person is charged with a criminal offense, the severity of the act is categorized into either a misdemeanor or felony. Felonies are severe criminal offenses with the highest level of punishment. California law considers any crime with a sentence of more than one year a felony. If convicted, you may face a harsh prison sentence and expensive fines. However, even if the sentence calls for no prison time, a felony charge can hinder you from finding employment or other opportunities.  Learn more how a San Diego felony lawyer can help you.

    If you or a loved one is facing the ramifications of a felony charge in the San Diego, Orange County, or Vista contact a felony defense lawyer at Dod Law, With over 20 years of experience advocating for the rights of California residents, Attorney Dod has the knowledge and resources to provide highly-qualified legal representation. By approaching his cases with a detail-oriented and client-focused approach, he’s known by peers and past clients as someone prepared to provide you with thorough guidance and advice.

    What Happens at a Felony Sentencing in San Diego

    Dod Law,  Handles All Types of Felonies in California – An Experienced Felony Lawyer

    Unlike misdemeanors, a felony is more severe and may lead to serious prison time along with hefty fines. There are many ways a misdemeanor can transform into a felony charge. Some examples of felony charges include:

    • Murder, assault and crimes that lead to serious physical harm or threat of harm
    • Kidnapping in holding someone captive against their will
    • Fraud schemes such as insurance, credit card and elder fraud
    • White collar crimes that may include embezzlement, forgery and money laundering
    • Grand theft, which may include auto theft and charges related to white collar crimes
    • Serious drug crimes such as possession and distribution of heroin and cocaine
    • Multiple DUI charges

    San Diego felony Attorney Dod and his skilled legal team will use his insight, skills, and experience to create a solid defense strategy tailored to your case.

    Penalties for a California Felony Conviction

    Most California felonies have three fixed sentences for each specific type of offense which outlines the type of penalties an individual receives. However, if the statute does not explicitly state the three sentences, the options will start at 16 months, two years, or three years. While these options may seem less severe, a judge must choose one of the fixed periods of incarceration as a base sentence, which means the final decision may be exceedingly larger than the designated timeline.

    In some cases, a judge may choose to make an example out of your case and punish you more harshly than penalties others may have received. However, with a San Diego felony lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that they will fight for your rights and advocate for the best possible outcome for your case. 

    Examples of Rights That Get Taken Away When You Become a Felon

    Not all of the rights that felons lose will have a big impact on their day-to-day lives, but some will hinder their ability to successfully reintegrate into society. Consider some examples of rights you may lose due to a harsh felony conviction in California:

    • Voting RightsMany states prohibit convicted felons from participating in elections. These include not just the presidential election, but local county elections as well.
    • International TravelAlthough convicted felons are able to possess a U.S. passport, their ability to travel across country lines is severely encumbered.
    • Firearm Possession – The second amendment grants all United States citizens the right to bear arms, but a felony conviction could remove or restrict that right.
    • Employment and Housing – If a felony conviction appears on your background check, there is a good chance you will be denied the job, apartment, or home.
    • Assistance Programs – In California, many state and federal programs like food stamps, subsidized housing, and unemployment commonly deny felons access to them, leaving felons struggling to make ends meet.
    • Custody – The courts may see you as a poor influence or a threat, especially if you were convicted of a violent offense.

    Seek an Aggressive San Diego Felony Lawyer for Felony Charges

    When you’re facing harsh penalties for a felony charge, partner with a highly-qualified San Diego felony charge attorney at Dod Law. The consequences of a felony follow you throughout your life, and if you have the opportunity to lessen the severity of your charges, you should seize it. Without professional legal representation and guidance, your rights and future are in jeopardy. As soon as possible, speak with Attorney Dod about how he may help you avoid harsh felony consequences.

    Is My Felony a DUI?

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