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    Meet Attorney Dod Ghassemkhani
    Open 24/7   SD: 619-814-5110 | OC: 949-681-7020 | Vista: 760-814-6025

    Meet Attorney Dod Ghassemkhani

    With over two decades of experience practicing criminal defense law, Dod Ghassemkhani and his law firm Dod Law, in Vista and Downtown San Diego, California, have worked on more than 6,500 criminal cases in and out of the courtroom in the San Diego area. This experience includes nearly every type of criminal case, including more than 75 jury trials and 400 preliminary hearings. Mr. Ghassemkhani also is uniquely qualified by the California State Bar to handle serious capital offenses, including murder charges for clients who have multiple convictions.  More about Dod Ghassemkhani

    Felony cases are difficult, but Mr. Ghassemkhani’s case record includes three consecutive “not guilty” verdicts in such serious charges. One case resulted in an acquittal for a client facing 25 years to life in prison. That client also had two prior convictions. After we obtained a favorable verdict, the client was free to go that day. Mr. Ghassemkhani has been able to convince juries of self-defense to get “not guilty” verdicts. As a result, our law firm has obtained multiple wins for clients. To learn more about Mr. Ghassemkhani’s impressive record, go to the case results page.


    People V. C.T.
Criminal Defense
Not Guilty – Client was facing 50-life – Now at home with his family
    People v. T.S.
Criminal Defense
Mr. T.S charged with 1st degree murder – Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing
    People v. C.F. – PC 245 with a knife – STABBING
Criminal Defense
NOT GUILTY.  Client was with his friends partying at a downtown club. After the club closed, client and his friends left and were involved in a fight. Client was with 6 of his friends, the victim was by himself. Client stabbed the victim. Mr. Ghassemkhani successfully argued in a JURY TRIAL that client used reasonable force in self-defense.


    Not only does attorney Ghassemkhani have a solid track record, but he is also recognized and respected by his peers and clients. Due to his skill, professionalism, and success as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Ghassemkhani has been included in:
    The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers
    10.0 “Superb” Avvo Rating
    In addition to these accolades, Mr. Ghassemkhani is a member of various prestigious legal associations, including:
    San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association
    National College for DUI Defense
    You will get reliable, skilled and aggressive representation by retaining Mr. Ghassemkhani.


    After graduating from Santa Clara University in 1998, Mr. Ghassemkhani enrolled at the University of San Diego School of Law, graduating with a Juris Doctor in 2003. He gained valuable experience as an intern for the San Diego Public Defender’s office, where he worked on a serious murder case later used for an episode of Law and Order on NBC.
    When the San Diego Public Defender’s office hired him, Mr. Ghassemkhani worked only with clients accused and arrested for crimes. In his 17 years of experience, he has never worked as prosecutor. It is important that his clients know that Mr. Ghassemkhani has never worked for “the other side.”

    He maintains a reputation in the legal community as one with absolute commitment to clients and their defense. Mr. Ghassemkhani focuses on achieving justice for the accused, no matter how serious the charge. He remains particularly proud of the moments when proving a false accusation or defending clients against unfair charges. As a trusted San Diego criminal lawyer, Mr. Ghassemkhani works hard to get you the justice you deserve.


    Based in Vista and Downtown San Diego, California, Dod Law has served hundreds of clients in the San Diego area for 17 years. Skilled, client-focused and results-oriented. Mr. Ghassemkhani is a top-notch negotiator and litigator, prepared to get your charges dismissed or reduced, and is willing to fight for you in a court trial. Available 24/7, Mr. Ghassemkhani will promptly help you. For a free consultation, call a lawyer to discuss your case and your legal options. Dod Law has offices in San Diego at 619-814-5110 or Vista office at 760-814-6025.