Defending Your Rights Fighting Violent Crimes Charges

Violent crimes are considered felonies in California and result in long-lasting ramifications and a permanent criminal record. A conviction for a violent crime can mark you as a felon for life, preventing employment, housing, and educational opportunities. Additionally, the penalties are severe and you may face lifelong incarceration. Punishment also depends on your previous criminal record, and enhancements can be made if you have a previous history of violent crimes.

If you have been accused of a violent crime in the San Diego area, we want to help you. Dod Law, APC, in Vista and Downtown San Diego, California, is an effective law firm that understands criminal defense. Led by attorney Dod Ghassemkhani, we have represented numerous clients in the region; many of whom face serious violent crimes.

Violent Criminal Charges Require An Experienced Lawyer

Our law firm has a great amount of experience in criminal defense cases, and we represent clients accused of such crimes as:

It's crucial to retain an experienced, aggressive and dependable lawyer if accused of a violent crime. Let our law firm help you. Having been the lead attorney in more than 75 jury trials, Mr. Ghassemkhani understands the intricacies of the criminal court system.

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A violent crime accusation requires a qualified and knowledgeable San Diego criminal defense attorney. That's Dod Law, APC, in Vista and Downtown San Diego. Mr. Ghassemkhani is available 24/7 and ready to fight to protect your rights in any of these instances. The penal codes for violent crimes run the gamut, and it can be difficult to pick through the various provisions and penalties for different felonies. Mr. Ghassemkhani is an experienced violent crime lawyer in Vista and Downtown San Diego, California. Contact him today for a free consultation by calling his San Diego office at 619-814-5110 or his Vista office at 760-814-6025.