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    San Diego County DUI Lawyer

    DUI Defense Attorney in San Diego County, California

    Being arrested or accused of a DUI in San Diego County does not have to be hopeless. A California DUI is a charge that an experienced criminal defense attorney can often beat. Following a DUI arrest, you have legal options, and it does not have to damage your reputation or have life-altering consequences. Working with a skilled criminal defense attorney can help you potentially reduce charges, diminish evidence against you, negotiate lighter sentencing and penalties, or have charges dropped completely. 

    The criminal defense legal team at Dod Law can help you fight a DUI conviction. To avoid consequences like a loss of driving privileges, costly fines, and potential incarceration, partner with Attorney Dod Ghassemkhani for a chance to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for your DUI case. With over 6,500 criminal defense cases successfully litigated, you can trust the seasoned legal guidance and help at Dod Law. 

    The Process Following a San Diego County DUI Arrest 

    A DUI arrest in San Diego County can be stressful and overwhelming to handle on your own. The California legal process begins immediately following the arrest, and you should consider retaining trusted legal representation promptly. 

    A seasoned criminal defense attorney can provide experienced legal guidance throughout the entirety of the DUI case legal process, including the following steps: 

    1. A San Diego County DUI Arrest 

    After being arrested for a DUI, the law enforcement officer will bring you to the police station to be processed and booked in jail. Your license will be immediately confiscated and replaced with a temporary license that expires within 30 days unless you can prevent this by persuading the DMV at a hearing. 

    1. Retaining a Qualified, Seasoned DUI Lawyer 

    You are not obligated to hire a lawyer, but retaining the help of a qualified, seasoned DUI attorney may benefit your case immensely. Having experienced legal guidance may be the difference between incarceration and freedom. 

    1. Request for a DMV Hearing 

    Immediately following your DUI arrest, your driver’s license will be suspended by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, referred to as an Administrative Suspension. You have ten days from this date to file a request for a DMV hearing, where you will have the opportunity to resolve the administrative suspension of your license. 

    For this hearing, it is in your best interest to have an experienced lawyer representing you to have the best chance at securing your driving privileges. After the ten-day deadline, there is no opportunity to reverse the suspension. 

    1. DUI Arraignment Hearing 

    A DUI arraignment hearing is the first court appearance for your DUI case. Your experienced San Diego County lawyer and prosecutor will stand before a judge and present their respective arguments, and you’ll submit your plea. 

    1. DUI Pre-Trial Phase 

    San Diego County DUI cases are typically resolved before they have to go to trial. During the pre-trial phase, the prosecution will present all the evidence against you, which will give your attorney rights to examine all the evidence against you and search for ways your rights were potentially violated, evidence unjustly obtained, or other possible weaknesses in their argument. In the pre-trial phase, your attorney has the opportunity to negotiate on your behalf, which may mean a reduction of the charges against you. 

    1. San Diego DUI Trial 

    If the prosecution refuses to negotiate in the pre-trial phase, or their argument was weak, your experienced criminal defense attorney may recommend going to trial. Going to trial may be risky, as you may be punished to the fullest extent or potentially have charges completely dropped. 

    San Diego County DUI Charges and Potential Penalties 

    Penalties for DUI convictions increase depending on the history of offenses. California drivers must drive a total of ten years before a previous conviction is no longer considered. San Diego County DUI laws are complex and penalties may vary. For example, if two people are arrested with the same BAC, one may face stricter penalties than the other depending on their previous DUI convictions or criminal history. 

    The following are general DUI charges and penalties, depending on the number of convictions: 

    • First-time DUI Conviction: License suspension up to four months, up to six months incarceration, and up to $1,000 in fines. 
    • Second-time DUI Conviction: Up to one year in jail, 18-30 month alcohol treatment plan, mandatory installation of an interlock device in all owned vehicles, driver’s license suspension for up to a year. 
    • Third and Subsequent DUI Convictions: Up to one year in jail, up to 30 months in an alcohol treatment plan, and driver’s license revocation for up to four years

    Even first-time DUI convictions can have lasting negative consequences. Speak to an experienced San Diego County criminal defense lawyer at Dod Law for an assessment of your case and information regarding your potential legal options. You may be able to have your penalties diminished or dropped, depending on the circumstances of your case. 

    Speak With a Seasoned San Diego County DUI Lawyer at Dod Law 

    If you have been charged or arrested for a San Diego County DUI, speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Dod Law. Attorney Dod Ghassemkhani can help you fight a DUI conviction to avoid consequences like a loss of driving privileges, costly fines, and potential incarceration. With over 6,500 criminal defense cases successfully litigated, you can trust the seasoned legal guidance and help at Dod Law to retain your civil rights and freedoms. 

    The legal team at Dod Law has 18 years of experience protecting the rights and freedoms of San Diego County clients. Attorney Dod has a proven track record of successful results and understands how to build a solid case for the most favorable outcome on your behalf. We offer a complimentary consultation at (619) 814-5110, or you can fill out our contact form

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