Felonies Are Serious Crimes That Require Serious Defense

Felonies are the most serious criminal offenses in California. If convicted, you face a prison sentence of a year to life. Even if the sentence calls for no prison time, a felony charge can hinder you from finding employment or other opportunities.

If you or a loved one is facing the ramifications of a felony charge in the San Diego area, contact a criminal lawyer at Dod Law, APC, in Vista and Downtown San Diego. Attorney Dod Ghassemkhani leads our firm and has more than 14 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. Mr. Ghassemkhani has worked on more than 6,500 criminal cases. He is thorough, effective, detail-oriented and client-focused, prepared to provide you with thorough guidance and advice.

Felony Charges Include Murder, Grand Theft, Multiple DUIs

A felony is more serious than a misdemeanor, and can lead to serious prison time along with hefty fines. Examples of felony charges include:

  • Murder, assault and crimes that lead to serious physical harm or threat of harm
  • Kidnapping in holding someone captive against their will
  • Fraud schemes such as insurance, credit card and elder fraud
  • White collar crimes that may include embezzlement, forgery and money laundering
  • Grand theft, which may include auto theft and charges related to white collar crimes
  • Serious drug crimes such as possession and distribution of heroin and cocaine
  • Multiple DUI charges

Felonies have far-reaching consequences, prosecuted harsher than misdemeanors. Criminal defense lawyer Mr. Ghassemkhani will use his insight, skills and experience to create a solid case for you.

Contact Us Now When Faced With Felony Charges

Even after release, convicted felons can be prevented from activities such as voting, owning guns, joining the military, and holding some professional licenses. The effects of felony charges are vast, which is why it is crucial to have the right San Diego-area criminal defense lawyer at your side. Dod Law, APC, in Vista and Downtown San Diego, California, advocates for clients. Mr. Ghassemkhani provides free initial consultations. Contact him now in San Diego at 619-814-5110 or in Vista at 760-814-6025.