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    Criminal Defense Attorney in Vista

    Criminal Defense Attorney in Vista

    Chula Vista Criminal Defense LawyerBeing charged with a crime is stressful and can throw your whole life into disarray. You may be unsure about the future and what to expect in your encounter with the legal system from the moment you are arrested. However, dealing with criminal charges is as much about protecting your rights as defending yourself against the accusations leveled against you. This is one of the reasons it is critical that you immediately reach out to a criminal defense attorney in Vista CA as soon as possible after being arrested. Everything you do or say in that initial period can dictate the outcome of your entire case. Dod Law can provide legal guidance at every step, working closely with you to garner the best possible outcome for your situation. 

    Attorney Dod has developed a reputation for being tough in his criminal defense strategies, utilizing all of the resources at his disposal to help you fight your charges. He has successfully defended countless individuals in situations that initially seemed hopeless, and he may be able to do the same for you. 

    What to Do if You Have Been Arrested in California

    If you have been arrested, the best thing you can do is refrain from providing any information to law enforcement. The more you say before hiring a Vista, CA criminal defense lawyer, the more likely you are to incriminate yourself. Provide the most basic information, which is essentially your name. If you are asked any questions beyond identifying information, request to speak with your lawyer first. Then, call our office immediately so that we can tell you how to proceed from that point. Whatever you do, avoid thinking that cooperating with law enforcement will get you out of trouble. Any information you provide is more likely to do the opposite. 

    You should not only avoid talking to law enforcement but also to other individuals in the cell with you. This is one of the more insidious tactics police officers may use, promising those who have been arrested favors or leniency if they coax information out of others in the holding cell with them. Do not fall for this trick. You will also be searched after being arrested, and law enforcement officers may try to get you to talk by asking about the items they found on your person or around you when they arrested you. Invoke your rights no matter how many sneaky ways they try to question you. This will be imperative to the future of your case and the outcome you hope you achieve. 

    What to Expect From a Criminal Defense Attorney in Vista

    When you work with a reputable criminal defense attorney, you can expect support and clear-eyed legal guidance. There are many ways to deal with pending criminal charges, from plea deals to aggressive criminal defense strategies. At Dod Law, we will recommend a practical legal approach that will give you the best chance of beating your charges. Our goal is always to do whatever is in your best interest. Our clients rely on us to provide them with legal counsel that gives them a chance to get past criminal charges, as they can sometimes impact other areas of your life. We want to minimize any adverse effects on your ability to get a job or obtain housing due to the case pending against you. 

    We will start with a thorough review of your case and any charges that have been filed against you. Then, we can discuss your options for proceeding with defending your case using one of our proven strategies to help achieve the desired outcome. 

    Our attorneys can tell you what to expect from the court system and how to best protect your rights. We are committed to helping you realize an outcome with which you can be satisfied to move on with your life and put this unfortunate matter behind you. 

    Protect Your Rights by Consulting With a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer

    One of the biggest mistakes many people make is putting their rights on the line regarding criminal charges. By providing more information than is required, you may make the situation worse than it was when you were initially detained. The steps you take, especially in the initial phases of your case, can determine the outcome that affects the rest of your life. We take this seriously at Dod Law and will advocate for you with proven criminal defense strategies. Our goal is to get you a case result with which you can be fully satisfied and get the criminal charges against you dropped entirely. 

    Learn more by scheduling a complimentary case review today. Call us at our Vista office 619-814-6025 | downtown San Diego office (619) 814-5110 or contact us online to find out how we may be able to help you. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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