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    Criminal Defense Lawyer El Cajon

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    Criminal Defense Lawyer El Cajon

    Being charged with a crime in El Cajon can be an overwhelming and difficult experience. Seeking advice from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer can make this process less intimidating. At Dod Law, we recognize that any type of criminal record can impact the rest of your life. With the guidance of a knowledgeable El Cajon criminal defense lawyer, you are one step closer to clearing your name and discovering the best way to dispute the convictions on your record.

    No matter how severe the case is, the State of California will bring their most qualified lawyers to prosecute you and achieve a conviction. By partnering with Attorney Dod of Dod Law, you can be certain that his underlying experience in the criminal justice system will aid him in establishing a strategic defense for your case. With 17 years of experience handling criminal defense cases, Attorney Dod has continuously exceeded the expectations of his clients across California.

    Types of Criminal Charges in El Cajon

    In recent years, violent crime in El Cajon has surged. According to the Voice of San Diego, crime in El Cajon is remarkably higher than in surrounding cities, increasing nearly 50 percent between 2014 and 2018. Attorney Dod has put tremendous effort in representing people charged with a variation of the following criminal offenses in El Cajon:

    • Domestic Violence
    • Assault and Battery
    • Drug Crimes
    • DUI
    • Theft Offenses
    • Sex Offenses

    No matter what charge you’re facing, Dod will educate you on your rights and the possible defenses that could be available to your advantage. With exceptional legal counsel, it may be possible to:

    • Pursue a reduced sentence
    • Request that your charge is released
    • Appeal for alternative sentencing
    • Assemble other options during this time to remain of sound mind during this stressful time

    Criminal Conviction Penalties in El Cajon

    The charges you’re up against will determine the penalties of your criminal conviction in El Cajon. The more severe these charges, the higher the weight of the penalty. The most common penalties for criminal charges in El Cajon include:

    • Fines
    • Probation
    • Educational or rehabilitation programs
    • Incarceration

    Penalties for felony offenses may include years of incarceration and thousands of dollars in fines. Experienced El Cajon criminal defense lawyers will combine the details of your case and your background to execute the most effective defensive plan for your court appearance. Attorney Dod spends personal attention on each case, which allows him to create a personalized defense for you.

    What are the Most Common Criminal Defenses?

    There are a variety of criminal defense strategies that can be used when challenging the charges you face. It does not matter what the nature of your case is, what matters is that every single individual fact can provide essential information that could lead to a disruption of the charge against you. When you explain your circumstances to a qualified lawyer, they can begin to help you understand the presented charges and gather all means necessary to fight for you. Common criminal defense strategies include:

    • Lack of evidence
    • False identification
    • Untrustworthy witnesses
    • Inaccurate evidence
    • Entrapment

    No matter the obstacles and uncertainty that you will face during this challenging time, you can find solace in collaborating with a reliable criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Dod cares about helping his clients get back to the future that they envisioned for themselves. You can’t face criminal charges alone, but with the direction from Attorney Dod, you can depend on him to best advocate for you.

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    Know your rights, protect your name, and fight to wipe the criminal charges you face by contacting Dod Law. Over 17 years and 4,500 criminal defense cases under his track record, Dod has represented clients who are convicted of several different crimes in El Cajon. With a “superb” 10.0 rating on from his past clients and high-performance results, you can be confident that Dod will dedicate his time to designing an appropriate plan of action to help influence your case.

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