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    La Presa Criminal Defense Lawyer

    La Presa Criminal Defense Lawyer

    La Presa Criminal Defense AttorneyWhen you’re unfamiliar with the legal process of a conviction, a criminal offense can make you feel hopeless and frustrated. If you’re facing criminal charges in La Presa, CA, it’s essential to have a La Presa criminal defense attorney by your side. Instead of learning complex legal terminology and gathering the large amounts of information needed for your case, work with a dependable criminal defense attorney.   Learn more about Dod a La Presa criminal defense lawyer.

    Attorney Dod has over 17 years of experience representing communities across the state of California. With his dedication to those in need, he provides client-oriented legal services that you can rely on. His main goal is to make sure you have the tools and knowledge to feel confidently represented during legal proceedings. 

    What Are Some Common Criminal Charges in La Presa, CA?

    While every charge is unique and needs thorough investigation, there are a few common charges in La Presa, California. According to CrimeGrade, La Presa’s crime rate is 21.77 per 1,000 residents on average. Each type of criminal offense varies in severity and holds different punishments. Below are a few of the various types of criminal offenses common in La Presa, California. 

    • Assault and Battery
    • Theft Offenses
    • DUI
    • Drug Crimes
    • Domestic Violence
    • Sex Offenses
    • White Collar Crimes
    • Misdemeanors & Felonies
    • Violent crimes

    If you find yourself in a situation where you’re being charged with a criminal offense in La Presa, one of the first steps you should take is to contact a reliable La Presa criminal defense lawyer to assess the situation and guide you through the best course of action. There are many things you can do to help your case, but seeking the help of an experienced individual is one of the most important. 

    Possible Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in La Presa, California

    Each offense and its punishments depend on the severity of the crime and prior offenses. For example, a person charged with their third misdemeanor has a higher chance of receiving harsher punishments than someone with their first offense. However, each punishment is subject to the following types of penalties: 

    • Fines
    • Probation
    • Incarceration
    • Mandatory educational or rehabilitation programs

    While harsher punishments are reserved for felony crimes, individuals facing any type of criminal charge are susceptible to serious penalties. Having a motivated defense attorney by your side during stressful legal situations is critical to understanding the details of your case and creating a solid defense strategy. 

    How Can a Criminal Conviction Impact Your Life? 

    A criminal offense can turn your life upside down and affect you and the people around you. When convicted of a criminal offense, your reputation, relationships, and freedoms are restricted and damaged. To help reduce a conviction’s impact on your life, a defense attorney will help gather evidence and represent you during legal issues. 

    There are many ways a criminal conviction can change your life, including: 


    Many employers and job applications will ask you about your criminal background and if you have any offenses. Some jobs even perform background tests on applicants. A criminal offense can drastically affect your future career and opportunities. 

    Child Custody and Adoption

    If you’re facing a criminal offense, you may be at risk of losing your child custody rights and the right to adopt. These are severe penalties for those with families and need the assistance of an attorney to help create a thorough plan to fight for their child custody rights. 


    If you are an immigrant or are in the process of becoming a legal citizen of the United States, a penalty for a severe criminal act may be deportation. While this is a severe case, the risk is prevalent. 

    Professional License

    Whether you are a practicing nurse or a professor, the hard work you put into earning your license is priceless, and having it taken away is devastating. Talk with your attorney about how to move forward and work to preserve your license. 

    A criminal conviction can drastically change your life. The goals you once created for yourself and now are at risk of being taken away. To reduce the possibility of facing severe consequences, contact Attorney Dod for dependable legal representation. 

    When Should You Contact a La Presa Criminal Defense Attorney?

    One of the first things you should do after being arrested or charged with a criminal offense is to call your lawyer. Both you and the police will need to discuss the details of the crime you’re accused of and guide you through what details to relay. If you feel interrogated or pressured into saying something, you can wait for your attorney to assist you. Some of the other ways a defense attorney can assist with your case include: 

    • Answering questions relating to your case
    • Analyzing potential legal issues
    • Conducting a fair and just investigation
    • Reviewing legal documents and information

    An experienced defense attorney will provide you with the tools to feel comfortable and confident in your case. Our team at Dod Law has experience with all types of criminal cases and wish to use our knowledge to assist clients with their case. We provide honest advice and treat our clients like family. 

    Get in Touch With an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in La Presa, CA

    Criminal convictions are hard to face alone, and our team of La Presa criminal defense attorneys wants to make sure you have a dependable team by your side. With years of experience representing our clients across California, we are proud to offer clients honest and reliable legal services. The many favorable testimonials and positive past results show our dedication to the La Presa community. 

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