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    San Diego County Drug Crimes Lawyer

     San Diego County Drug Crimes Lawyer

    Drug crimes in California carry stiff penalties that can severely impact your life. If you face a drug crime charge, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your interests against aggressive prosecution by the state. Learn more from a San Diego drug crimes lawyer.

    Dod Law represents individuals in and around San Diego who have been arrested for, accused of, or charged with drug crimes ranging from possession and distribution to manufacturing and conspiracy. Our team has over 20 years of experience protecting the rights of the accused and fighting to make sure the government and the justice system treat them fairly. Contact us immediately for a free consultation if you or someone you love faces drug crime charges in San Diego.

    Drug Crimes Lawyer

    Dod Law has the skill, reputation, and resources to defend virtually any state or federal drug crime case pursued by the San Diego County District Attorney or the United States Attorney. In addition to working hard to protect our clients from consequences like incarceration, probation, and fines, we also fight to defend them against impacts a drug crime conviction can have on their immigration status. 

    Drug Possession

    Our team defends clients accused of illegally possessing drugs for personal use or for sale. So-called “simple possession” of personal use quantities of most drugs is generally a misdemeanor under state and federal law punishable by up to one year of incarceration, fines, probation, and civil penalties. Possession of larger quantities with intent to sell is generally a felony, carrying multi-year prison and probation terms and higher fines. 

    Drug Transportation and Distribution

    It is illegal under state and federal law to transport and/or distribute controlled substances (including marijuana) without legal authorization. Dod Law represents clients accused of a wide range of illegal transportation and/or sale of drugs, including:

    • Street-level dealing
    • Operating a stash/trap house
    • Smuggling drugs into the United States
    • Writing illegal prescriptions / running a “pill mill”
    • Selling or buying drugs (including prescription medications) over the internet or dark web
    • Driving or riding in a motor vehicle containing distribution-level drug quantities

    State and federal prosecutors routinely charge these crimes as felonies, but skilled, aggressive criminal defense attorneys can often get them dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor.  

    Drug Manufacturing and Packaging

    The law also bars you from manufacturing and packaging drugs (including larger quantities of marijuana) for sale without legal authorization. Dod Law can represent individuals accused of, for example: 

    • Cooking methamphetamine/operating a “meth lab”
    • Repackaging bulk quantities of cocaine or heroin for individual sale
    • Operating marijuana grow without a license 
    • Manufacturing counterfeit oxycodone pills
    • Growing or mixing hallucinogens like mushrooms or LSD

    Manufacturing and packaging drugs illegally can be a serious felony punishable by a long prison term. Do not wait to call on Dod Law to learn how we can help if you have been accused of these drug crimes in San Diego.

    Drug-Related Conspiracy

    Prosecutors often charge individuals accused of drug crimes with conspiracy, which is a stand-alone offense that can subject even minor participants in drug manufacturing, packaging, transportation, or sales to felony liability and severe penalties. It’s common for prosecutors to charge conspiracy as a means of pressuring low-level dealers and mules to “flip” and testify against leaders of a drug operation. 

    At Dod Law, we have detailed familiarity with how the government pursues conspiracy cases, how to position our clients to achieve the most favorable outcome possible, and how to defend cases involving multiple alleged co-conspirators.

    Drug-Related Violent Crime and Firearm Possession

    State and federal statutes enhance the punishments for individuals who engage in violence or possess a firearm in connection with a drug crime. Even a relatively minor possession or transportation charge that the government might normally prosecute as a misdemeanor can transform into a felony once violence or guns enter the mix. Dod Law understands how to navigate drug cases that involve violence or firearms to get charges reduced or dismissed and to protect our clients from the most severe sentences. 

    Drug-Related Deaths

    In California, you can be charged with murder or manslaughter if someone dies:

    • As a result of consuming or coming into contact with drugs you allegedly sold or provided to them 
    • In the course of your alleged commission of a drug-related felony (so-called “felony murder”).

    Murder and manslaughter charges carry the most serious potential consequences for those accused, including decades-to-life in prison and the death penalty. Dod Ghassemkhani is uniquely qualified by the California State Bar to handle capital (death penalty) cases and has achieved dismissals, charge reductions, and favorable sentences for numerous clients accused of murder or manslaughter.

    Dod Ghassemkhani an Award Winning Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Drug Possession

    Dod Law an Experienced Drug Crimes Lawyer 

    Dod Law was founded by widely respected criminal defense attorney Dod Ghassemkhani. Dod has spent his entire legal career defending individuals accused of criminal conduct, first as a San Diego County public defender and then as a criminal defense attorney in private practice. Over the years, he and his colleague Luis A. Jimenez have compiled an impressive track record of favorable results that include numerous dismissals and charge reductions in drug crime cases.

    Dod and Luis believe in hard work, fighting for constitutional rights, and providing the best possible defense for anyone charged with a drug crime in San Diego, no matter the severity of the charges or the difficulty of the facts. 

    Contact a Drug Crimes Lawyer at Dod Law Today 

    Although public attitudes toward drugs (particularly marijuana) have shifted in the past several decades, the state and federal government continues to prosecute San Diego-area drug crimes at a steady clip. If you have been accused of, arrested for, or charged with a drug crime in the San Diego area, a seasoned drug crime defense lawyer from Dod Law can protect your rights and fight to make sure the justice system treats you fairly. 

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