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    DUI Attorney in Imperial Beach

    DUI Attorney In Imperial Beach

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    Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Imperial Beach is a serious matter that can have short and long-term negative consequences. Each year, more than 10,000 lives are lost in the United States from drunk driving. Imperial Beach law enforcement takes a strong stance against those who act negligently and risk others’ lives by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol If you’re facing charges of driving under the influence in Imperial Beach, you’re sure to have many questions about what this means for your future. A DUI defense attorney in Imperial Beach can help you.

    A DUI conviction can lead to severe penalties beyond a license suspension, such as hefty fines, jail time, and a criminal record that may last for several years. With the help of a skilled DUI attorney, it might be possible to avoid a DUI conviction and get back to your life without the weight of a criminal record. For more than 17 years, Attorney Dod has provided trusted DUI defense in Imperial Beach. If you were recently arrested for DUI, do not delay in contacting him for sound legal counsel.

    What Steps Should I Take After a DUI Arrest? 

    Your first step toward freedom after a DUI arrest is securing a skilled DUI attorney to represent you and fight the charges against you. The earlier you partner with an experienced defense lawyer, the less severe your penalties are likely to be. When choosing a DUI defense lawyer, finding one with a proven track record of successful DUI case results is critical.

     For a successful DUI conviction, the prosecution must prove: 

    • You had a BAC of .08 or higher
    • You had a BAC above .00 if you’re under 21
    • You had illegal drugs in your system

    One consequence of a DUI conviction used frequently in Imperial Beach is having an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in your car. An IID requires drivers to submit to a breath test with a resulting BAC level below .08 before the ignition starts. Along with an IID, people convicted of a DUI in California might be required to complete a DUI rehabilitation program.

    What are the Penalties for a DUI in Imperial Beach?

    Penalties for DUI offenses increase with multiple convictions. First, second, and third DUI offenses are treated as misdemeanors in California. A fourth DUI charge, however, is prosecuted as a felony offense that can lead to four years in prison.

    Further penalties could be added to a DUI conviction if you caused an injury while driving drunk or had a child of 14 years or younger in your vehicle at the time of the DUI stop. The best defense to free yourself against a DUI charge is to partner with an accomplished criminal defense law firm with knowledge and experience defending DUI cases. Attorney Dod is the preferred choice for DUI defense in Imperial City.  

    Choose Imperial Beach’s Experienced DUI Lawyer 

    If you’re facing DUI charges in Imperial Beach, you should immediately contact a skilled DUI defense lawyer who can build you a robust defense strategy. Whether it’s a first-time or repeat offense, the consequences of a DUI can be detrimental to your future security and well-being.

    For more than 17 years, Attorney Dod has defended people facing criminal charges in Imperial Beach and across California. With a 10.0 “Superb” Avvo rating by past clients and his name on The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers list, you can be confident in Attorney Dod’s ability to defend your case. To schedule a free consultation and discuss your case with Attorney Dod, complete an online contact form or call our downtown San Diego office 619-814-5110 or  Vista Office 760-814-6025.

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