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    San Diego’s Best Domestic Violence Defense

    San Diego’s Best Domestic Violence Defense LawyerSan Diego’s Best Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

    Accusations of domestic abuse have the potential to tarnish your reputation, as rumors suggesting violence towards a partner or family member can quickly spread and strain relationships with loved ones. Unfortunately, proving domestic violence allegations in San Diego courts can be challenging. However, with a proficient litigator like Attorney Dod Ghassemkhani an award winning criminal defense attorney by your side, you can enhance your chances of preserving both your freedom and reputation. Discover how a domestic violence attorney can support you.  Learn more about San Diego’s best domestic violence defense lawyer.

    Dod Law, a San Diego criminal defense law firm, caters to clients throughout the San Diego area and California. Under the leadership of Attorney Dod, our team boasts 20 years of legal expertise in defending against domestic violence charges. Conviction for domestic violence may result in severe consequences, including incarceration, fines, and probation. Partnering with our team affords you the opportunity to vigorously pursue the most favorable outcome.

    What Constitutes DV in California?

    Acts of abuse—whether physical, verbal, emotional, or psychological—may lead to criminal charges, particularly if perpetrated against someone with whom you share a close relationship.

    These charges may be classified as “domestic violence” if directed towards individuals such as:

    • A current or former spouse or domestic partner
    • An intimate partner, including current or former boyfriends or girlfriends
    • Your child or the parent of your child
    • Another close family member

    California Family Code section 6203 defines abuse as encompassing various behaviors, including:

    • Physical harm or attempted physical harm
    • Threats of physical abuse
    • Sexual assault
    • Harassment or stalking

    Determining whether a domestic violence charge in San Diego qualifies as a misdemeanor or a felony hinges on the severity of the injuries inflicted and the overall gravity of the situation.

    A felony-level domestic violence offense encompasses:

    • Corporal Injury to a spouse, as outlined in California Penal Code Section 273.5(a)
    • Criminal threats, as defined by California Penal Code Section 422

    Corporal injury refers to the infliction of physical force resulting in a traumatic condition, which encompasses both minor and serious injuries, whether external or internal.

    While each domestic violence case is distinct, a misdemeanor charge can escalate to felony status under certain circumstances. For instance, previous convictions for violent crimes such as domestic battery or assault with a deadly weapon could lead to felony charges.

    If convicted of a felony domestic violence offense, the penalty typically involves imprisonment. Additionally, under California’s Three Strikes law, a domestic violence conviction can count as a “strike,” potentially resulting in extended prison sentences for repeat violent offenders.

    If you or a loved one faces domestic violence charges, it is imperative to enlist the representation of an experienced and adept San Diego domestic violence attorney like Attorney Dod to advocate for your legal rights.

    Dod Law’s offices are strategically situated near the courts in downtown San Diego, Orange County, and Vista, California, demonstrating our commitment to advocating for your rights and freedoms.

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