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    Solana Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Criminal Defense Lawyer in Solana Beach, California

    Solana Beach Criminal Defense | Dod Law | San Diego | OCBeing arrested is a nerve-racking experience, and a criminal charge could turn your life upside down. At Dod Law, we understand that this is an overwhelming experience and stressful for anyone to go through. Whether you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor charge or it’s your first criminal encounter, you could face consequences that will affect the rest of your life.  Learn more about Dod Law a Solana beach criminal defense lawyer.

    If you’re charged with a crime, you face aggressive prosecution by the state of California. Attorney Dod can help. He’s a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with 20 years of experience representing clients who face criminal charges in California. With Attorney Dod representing you, you can be confident your future is in the right hands.

    Common Criminal Charges in Solana Beach

    The crime rate in Solana Beach, California, is considerably higher than the national average across America. Although, with 17 crimes per 1,000 residents, Solana Beach is not among the surrounding communities with the highest crime rate. According to data, the city has a crime index of 36, which means Solana Beach is safer than 36% of neighborhoods in the U.S. Attorney Dod fights vigorously for people charged with crimes in Solana Beach such as:

    • Theft
    • Burglary
    • Robbery
    • Assault
    • Murder

    Just hearing those charges may make you feel like you have no way to redeem yourself. However, with proper legal representation, it may be possible to seek a reduced charge or apply for alternative sentencing. You can trust Attorney Dod to use the law to your advantage. The key is not to delay seeking legal guidance. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for an attorney to help you.

    The Difference Between Misdemeanors and Felonies in California

    In California, you can be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony. However, there are certain crimes that the prosecution decides whether to charge as a misdemeanor or felony. These crimes are known as wobblers. No matter what type of charge you’re facing in Solana Beach, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

    Misdemeanor Crimes

    Too often, those charged with a misdemeanor do not seek legal guidance. People facing these charges sometimes have little experience with the legal system or have never been in trouble with the law. A person convicted of a California misdemeanor can face a sentence of:

    • Up to one year in jail
    • A fine of up to $1,000

    Those convicted may also have high court costs, probation, or counseling. Probation for a misdemeanor is known as informal or summary probation. Some examples of misdemeanor offenses in Solana Beach are:

    • Shoplifting
    • Public intoxication
    • Prostitution

    Felony Crimes

    While those more experienced with the law may be able to represent themselves in misdemeanor charges, a felony charge requires the experience of a criminal defense lawyer. Felonies are the most severe crimes in California and may impose the harshest penalties. A felony may result in more than one year in state prison. In the most severe cases, it could even result in capital punishment (the death penalty). Some examples of felony crimes are:

    • Murder
    • Homicide
    • Rape
    • Involuntary and voluntary manslaughter
    • Aggravated battery

    These are all severe accusations and charges, and if any have been brought against you, you should consult an attorney immediately. Criminal convictions carry long-term consequences, even after prison. Those convicted may still have hefty fines and be prevented from holding specific jobs or obtaining loans.

    What Are Wobbler Crimes?

    With some offenses, the prosecution can determine if the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. Their decision is based on the case’s circumstances and the offender’s criminal history. Some examples of wobbler crimes are:

    • Domestic violence
    • Assault
    • Burglary

    Being charged with a wobbler crime can be especially confusing. It’s in your best interest to seek legal advice. An attorney may be able to fight the charge or negotiate with the prosecution to bring it down to a misdemeanor.

    Potential Criminal Defense Strategies

    For a prosecutor to convict you of a crime in California, they must be able to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Criminal defense lawyers will always seek to find a weakness in the prosecutor’s case to determine the best strategy for your situation. Some potential defenses your attorney can use are:

    • Alibi or mistaken identity: In some cases, the identity of the suspect could be in doubt. This mainly comes from an eyewitness’s identification. An attorney could argue the witness did not have a good view of the incident, the witness is biased, or they have conflicting reports from other witnesses.
    • Self-defense: In criminal cases involving an assault charge, the use of reasonable and proportionate force to protect yourself or others may be used as a defense. The key element in this defense is a proportionate response. If someone pushes you at a bar (a misdemeanor), it would not be reasonable to protect yourself with a weapon.
    • Duress: The duress doctrine states you are not liable for crimes committed if there was a threat of harm to yourself or your family. However, duress does not apply as an excuse to murder under Penal Code 187.

    These are just three of a wide range of options a criminal defense attorney can use when defending you. Every criminal case is different and requires a close examination of the situation before developing a case strategy.

    Contact a Seasoned Solana Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

    At Dod Law, we have 20 years of experience defending misdemeanor, felony, and wobbler offenses in Solana Beach, California. Attorney Dod has built a name for himself in the legal community as one of the most aggressive criminal defense lawyers in Solana Beach. No matter how serious the charge, Attorney Dod is focused on achieving justice for you.

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