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    Spring Valley DUI Lawyer

    Spring Valley DUI Lawyer

    Driving with a high amount of alcohol present in your system is dangerous for not only you but others on the road or around you. California takes driving while under the influence very seriously and has harsh penalties for individuals caught with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher. Everyone makes mistakes, but a DUI charge can turn your entire life upside down. Your employment opportunities, reputation, and relationships are at great risk because of the charge.  Learn more about how a Spring Valley DUI lawyer can help you.  

    If you are facing severe penalties due to a DUI charge, it is crucial that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Dod at Dod Law has spent years working with individuals all over California to advocate for their rights and intentions. His passion for the community and ability to empathize with his clients make him a motivated representative. With his vast knowledge of the legal system in California, he is ready to help you with your DUI case. 

    How Does Your Blood Alcohol Content Level Affect Your DUI?

    When someone drinks alcohol, the substance is absorbed into the bloodstream and causes various symptoms like incoordination, slurred speech, and behavioral changes. The main issue with alcohol is that the rate at which it is absorbed into the bloodstream varies depending on many different factors. Some common factors include:

    • FoodSpring Valley DUI Lawyer
    • Weight
    • Assigned gender
    • Genetics
    • Strength of drink
    • Rate of consumption
    • Medications

    Paying attention to these contributing components can give you a clue about the rate at which alcohol absorbs into the bloodstream. However, it is difficult to be absolutely sure of your intoxication level without a breathalyzer — or a device that measures your BAC content level. Due to the uncertainty of BAC levels, many individuals find themselves in difficult situations. How Much Does a First Time DUI Cost in California

    What Are the Potential Consequences of a DUI in Spring Valley, California?

    California has zero tolerance for drunk drivers and harshly penalizes those caught operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. The types of punishments and their severity depend on how high your BAC level is and whether you have any prior offenses. Below are the types of penalties you may face if you are charged with a DUI in Spring Valley, California. 

    Probation or Jail

    If this is your first charge and you have no prior DUI convictions, you may pace up to six months of probation. Second offenders may spend a minimum of 5, 30, or 90 days in jail, and those who commit more than two offenses may be sentenced to up to a year in prison.

    License Suspension

    When you’re caught driving under the influence, a license suspension may be one of the consequences. First-time offenders can have their licenses for four months or longer. In contrast, those with multiple offenses can have their license suspended for multiple years.  


    Most people don’t like the thought of paying fines, and when you are charged with a DUI, the fines you may have to pay can be high. The fines can range between $300 and $5,000 depending on the number of offenses and BAC level. 

    Mandatory Classes

    California wants to keep people from repeating mistakes and committing more DUI offenses. One of the ways they try to help individuals through these difficult times is with alcohol education classes. These programs offer advice and information on how to avoid substance abuse and addiction. They also highlight the dangerous consequences and reality of drinking and driving. 

    Social Repercussions

    Not only can a DUI charge hold many legal consequences, but it can also drastically affect how other people see you. Whether you are at work or in the neighborhood, your DUI may influence how others view you. Your family and friends may also feel the effect of your reputation through others surrounding them. 

    Ignition Interlock Device

    In California, many counties require the driver to have an ignition interlock device (IIDs) installed in the dashboard of the driver’s car. An ignition interlock device prevents a person from driving unless you provide a breath sample that shows you are alcohol-free. The motor vehicle won’t operate unless the sample shows you are free of alcohol and safe to drive. 

    The repercussions of a DUI can change your life forever. Attorney Dod understands how a mistake can affect you for years to come and wants to make sure you have the proper representation to advocate for your rights and future.

    Contact an Experienced California Spring Valley DUI Lawyer Today

    Dod Law has over 16 years of experience representing clients and providing them with the necessary tools for a successful case. A DUI charge can feel overwhelming, and you may have no idea what steps to take next, but with the guidance of a Spring Valley criminal defense attorney, you’ll feel confident in your defense. With accessible communication and dependable legal services, you can count on us to represent your case. 

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