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    San Marcos Criminal Defense Lawyer

    San Marcos Criminal Defense Lawyer

    San Marcos Criminal Defense LawyerIf you’re accused of a criminal charge, you must seek legal representation. A San Marcos criminal defense lawyer has the knowledge and experience necessary to aggressively fight your charges in court. Criminal convictions can bring harsh penalties, even for first-time offenders, so it’s vital to seek counsel from a knowledgeable attorney right away. 

    Dod Law is a criminal defense law firm that’s focused on one thing: winning. Our firm has defended clients throughout California for years, and we can help you too. While other firms split their attention across multiple law areas, Attorney Dod has only ever focused on criminal defense and will continue to do so. He gives his clients the skilled and capable representation they need during this challenging time. 

    How California Classifies Crime 

    Charges for California crimes depend on various factors, including the severity of the crime and your criminal history. San Marcos criminal offenses generally fall into three categories: 

    • Infractions are minor offenses, and judges typically punish those convicted with a fine. 
    • Misdemeanors are more severe, and those convicted may have to serve up to a year in jail and/or pay a large fine. 
    • Felonies are the most severe and carry the potential to serve time in a California state prison. 

    Any criminal charge, no matter how minor it may seem, may end up on your record and may impact your ability to secure employment, housing, and more. The sooner you discuss your case with a skilled lawyer, the more effective a result you may be able to achieve.

    Criminal Cases Dod Law Handles in San Marcos

    Attorney Dod has built a solid reputation in the legal and California communities throughout his career. He has worked on more than 6,500 defense cases and was the lead attorney for more than 400 preliminary hearings and 75 jury trials. Some of the criminal cases that Attorney Dod can handle are outlined below. 

    Assault and Battery 

    Assault is the threat of harmful contact and the act leading up to harmful contact. Incidents can include threatening someone or engaging in actions that indicate your intent to harm another person. 

    Battery, on the other hand, involves physical contact with another person. It can include using force against someone else or aggressive actions that lead to violence. 

    Drug Crimes 

    Drug laws are complex, and the charges can vary depending on several factors, including the kind of drug you had, the amount in your possession, and your purpose in having the substance. 

    Recreational marijuana use is legal in California, but adults over 21 can purchase and possess up to 28.5 grams. Adults 18 to 20 can have up to eight ounces of marijuana through California’s medical marijuana program. 


    A DUI conviction can hinder your life for a long time. The blood alcohol concentration limit for adults over 21 is .08% or higher. For anyone under 21 or on probation, the BAC level is .01%. The BAC level is .04% for any vehicle that requires a commercial driver’s license. 

    Sex Crimes 

    Sex crimes encompass several criminal matters, including the inappropriate touching of a child, prostitution, rape, child pornography, and sexual battery. In addition to serving jail time or paying large fines, you may also be registered as a sex offender for life. 

    Theft Crimes 

    We handle many theft charges in San Marcos, such as shoplifting, petty theft, burglary, and receiving or possessing stolen property. 

    White-Collar Crimes 

    Many types of white-collar crimes exist, and our firm has represented clients who have been accused of these charges. Common accusations we can represent are bank fraud, counterfeiting, and embezzlement. These crimes are usually associated with personal gain, but others jealous of your success may falsely accuse you. 

    Potential Penalties for Criminal Charges in California 

    California is one of the strictest states when it comes to the sentencing of convicted criminals. Even first-time offenders and low-level accusers may be subject to harsh penalties. Common penalties for criminal charges, depending on the crime, include:

    • Incarceration 
    • Suspension of driver’s license 
    • Fines
    • Probation 
    • Educational classes
    • Rehabilitation programs 

    The severity of the crime and your criminal history may factor into your punishment. 

    Defenses to Criminal Charges explained by an experienced San Marcos Criminal Defense Lawyer

    No matter what you’re being accused of it is possible to fight these charges. The most effective defenses depend on the details surrounding your case. When speaking to your San Marcos attorney, it’s essential to inform them about every aspect of the charge and what led up to it. By doing so, you’ll give them the best chance at representing you in court. Some common defenses are: 

    • Wrong identity 
    • Lack of evidence 
    • Entrapment 
    • Duress
    • Untrustworthy witnesses
    • False evidence 

    No matter how difficult proving your innocence may seem, there is hope when you partner with a criminal defense attorney. Attorney Dod is passionate about helping his clients reclaim their freedom. 

    Contact an Experienced San Marcos Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

    When you’re facing criminal charges in San Marcos, whether it’s your first offense or not, reach out to Dod Law. Not only do we have a solid track record, but Attorney Dod is continuously recognized by his peers and former clients. He was named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers and has a 10.0 Superb rating on Avvo. By partnering with Attorney Dod, you will get reliable, skilled, and aggressive legal representation.

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