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    Coronado Criminal Defense Lawyer

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    Coronado Criminal Defense Lawyer

    A criminal offense is defined as someone violating and acting in a prohibited behavior by the law. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, committing theft, and assaulting another person are a few examples of criminal offenses. The punishments for these crimes vary depending on the type of offense. However, regardless of the crime, if a person is charged with a criminal offense in Coronado, California, they can face severe consequences.  Learn more about what a Coronado criminal defense lawyer can do for you if you are charged with a crime.

    If you face severe penalties for a mistake you’ve made, contacting an experienced Coronado criminal defense lawyer is essential. An attorney at Dod Law, APC, can help you navigate your case and provide you with the tools and resources you need to feel confident in your representation and your defense. Having a criminal offense charge tied to your record can harm your potential career options and many other aspects of your life. This is why contacting someone familiar with the process and your situation can significantly help your case. 

    What to look for in hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Coronado, California


    What Are the Potential Consequences of a Criminal Offense in Coronado, California?

    California law takes criminal offenses very seriously, especially if you have more than one offense on your record. The level of punishment a person receives depends on the number of prior offenses, the severity of the crime, any damage or harm caused during the action, and the type of criminal offense. Still, there are similar punishment categories that most people will face, including: 

    License Suspension

    A suspended license is a common penalty — especially in DUI and traffic offenses — and can require a person to have limited driving privileges for a specific period of time. The length of a suspended license depends on the severity of the crime, but a suspended license can range from six months to indefinitely. Many find this punishment extremely difficult, especially if their job requires them to drive around.  

    Expensive Fines

    Fines can significantly impact another person’s life outside of the one charged for the crime. If you are the prominent supporter of your family and they depend on your income, a large fine can harm them as well. The fines that a person may pay can range from $300 to $5,000, depending on the crime. You may even have a lower amount with the help of a criminal defense attorney and the crime you committed.

    Mandatory Educational Programs

    When you commit a crime in California, the law may require you to take classes created to inform and teach you about the consequences of your actions. The educational programs are created to help keep people from committing more crimes. For example, someone charged with a DUI crime may need to take a class that focuses on healthy drinking practices and how to stop yourself from driving while intoxicated.  

    Probation or Jail

    A probation or jail sentence is highly likely depending on the offense. However, the length of the time you spend in these services can decrease with the help of an experienced attorney. You could spend as little as five days in jail if your offense were not as severe as others. Just like with the other penalties, the length of time you spend in probation, jail, or even prison depends on the severity and number of previous offenses.

    Not only can you face the above consequences, but there are also other penalties that you may face outside the law. Having a criminal record can significantly impact your reputation and the ability to get jobs. The social repercussions can play just as harshly as those under legal influence. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer can increase your likelihood of a reduced punishment and harsh consequences. 

    Should You Contact a California Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    Facing a criminal offense charge on your own is challenging and stressful. With various unfamiliar processes and terminology, you may make a mistake or miss a vital step in your defense. With your reputation and severe consequences on the line, having someone familiar with the process and law is essential to your success. Consider the following ways a criminal defense lawyer can assist you:

    • Answering case-related questions
    • Conducting a thorough investigation
    • Guiding you through the legal processes
    • Negotiating punishments and consequences
    • Reviewing legal documents and information
    • Analyzing for potential legal issues

    Extensive experience and personal dedication are all components of a reliable criminal defense attorney. Having someone by your side that you can count on is critical to your case. They can help you feel more confident and comfortable in your defense and case. 

    Contact Attorney Dod for a Reliable Criminal Defense Lawyer in Coronado, CA

    A criminal offense can significantly alter what activities you can participate in and how you live your life. Your social reputation and your current responsibilities can suffer greatly from extensive time in jail or expensive fines. With the help of a dependable criminal defense attorney at Dod Law, APC, you can feel confident in your representation. Our main goal is to make sure your rights and interests are respected and heard during legal proceedings. 

    Attorney Dod has years of experience helping clients across California and is proud to help those within the Coronado community. When you seek assistance from a motivated individual, you can trust that you can have the best possible outcome for your case. 

    Call our downtown San Diego office (619) 814-5110 | Vista office 760-814-6025 or fill out our contact form to learn more about how we can help your case.   

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