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    Domestic Violence

    What Are the Signs that a Relationship Might Become Violent?

    Domestic violence remains a rampant problem in the U.S. Though most people in romantic relationships will not experience violence, enduring violence from a partner is a painful reality for one in four women and one in seven men. more

    Criminal Defense

    What Happens If I Fail to Register as a Sex Offender in California?

    As a convicted sex offender, you may face more serious consequences after serving your sentence than had you been convicted of most other crimes. Society ostracizes sex offenders without even knowing what crimes they committed. Part of this more


    What Are the Consequences of Violating the Terms of Probation?

    A defendant who is convicted of a crime may ultimately be grateful to avoid a jail or prison sentence by being placed on probation instead. Judges may grant probation during sentencing, but probation may also be agreed to more


    San Diego County Makes the Most Use of California’s Red Flag Law

    In 2014, the State of California passed a gun violence restraining order law in response to the Isla Vista shooting. The law allows immediate family members to petition a judge to order the temporary removal of guns from more