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    Criminal Defense

    When Could Disagreeing With an Officer Lead to a Resisting Arrest Charge?

    Resisting Arrest Charge The United States Constitution guarantees every American the right to free speech and assembly and to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Sometimes, however, those rights conflict with an order from a law enforcement more

    Criminal Defense

    How Can I Get Probation Instead of Incarceration in California?

    Misdemeanor and felony crimes in California are generally punishable by terms of incarceration. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone convicted of a crime in California will spend time in jail or prison. Many can receive favorable probation terms more

    Domestic Violence

    How Can Non Physical Domestic Abuse Be Proven in Court?

    It is common to think of domestic abuse, also called domestic violence, as a purely physical act. However, the law in California also treats some non-physical actions as domestic abuse. Authorities can charge you with a domestic violence more

    Criminal Defense

    Are Police Officers Allowed to Lie to You in California?

    Are Police Officers Allowed to Lie As criminal defense lawyers, we constantly have to battle against popular myths about what the police can and cannot do. One of the most common misconceptions we hear from our clients who more

    Domestic Violence

    Should You Speak With Your Accuser After a Domestic Violence Charge?

    Domestic Violence Charge Having a domestic violence charge can trigger strong emotions. It’s common to feel betrayed by your accuser and to believe the facts have been twisted against you. You may even feel the need to talk more

    Criminal Defense

    How Does Bail Work in California?

    How Does Bail Work Bail is a form of financial guarantee that you will show up in court at a future date to face criminal charges against you. A person released “on bail” has given a judge an more