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    Criminal Defense

    3 Types of Diversion Programs in California and How They Work

    First-time convictions for a criminal misdemeanor or felony can result in jail or prison time, fines, and other penalties, including a criminal record that could follow you for the rest of your life. However, the courts understand that more

    Criminal Defense

    Everything You Need to Know About California’s Behavioral Health Court Program

    Similar to other specialized court systems, such as drug courts and veteran’s courts, California’s Behavioral Health court program is an alternative to navigating the criminal justice system for people with behavioral health problems. Behavioral health courts were developed more

    Drug Crimes

    What Happens If You’re Charged with a Drug Crime in a San Diego School Zone?

    California takes drug crimes very seriously, especially if they occur in school zones. According to state and federal law, drug crimes are punished far more harshly when committed within 1,000 feet of drug-free zones (DFZs), including school zones. more

    Criminal Defense

    Everything You Need to Know About the California Realignment Program

    When California enacted the Realignment Program in 2011, it was intended to reduce overcrowding in state prisons and alleviate the devastating financial burden on taxpayers. This program also sought to improve public safety by diverting low-level offenders into more