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    Juvenile Crimes

    Does California Have Romeo and Juliet Laws?

    Romeo and Juliet Laws Romeo and Juliet laws focus on providing protection to teens who engage in consensual sexual activity with one another. These laws typically focus on reducing or eliminating the penalty for the older partner in more

    Juvenile Crimes

    Steps to Take if Your Child Is at Risk of Being Charged With a Crime

    Child Charged with a Crime If your child is at risk of being charged with a crime, it can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. After all, you want to protect your child at all costs, but the more

    Juvenile Crimes

    What to Do If Your Underage Teen Gets a DUI in California

    What To Do if Your Child Gets an Underage DUI in California As a parent, you want your children to grow up in a safe environment and to avoid any risks that could be harmful. Unfortunately, many teens more


    Is It Considered Identity Theft to Use Someone Else’s ID Card?

    It is not uncommon for high schoolers and first-year college students to enlist the help of an older friend or family member so they can purchase alcohol, tobacco, or recreational marijuana. Instead of purchasing the items themselves, some more

    Juvenile Crimes

    Can a Minor Be Charged as An Adult in a San Diego Criminal Case?

    Research shows that the adolescent brain does not fully develop until later in life and that the prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that facilitates higher cognitive functions like behavior control, planning, and risk assessment — more