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    Domestic Violence

    How Common are False Domestic Violence Allegations?

    Domestic violence allegations can unravel a person’s life without evidence that they have done anything wrong; yet, false allegations are more common than most people think. To make matters worse, California courts do not pursue charges against individuals more

    Domestic Violence

    What to Expect from Probation for a Domestic Violence Conviction

    When the court convicts a domestic violence defendant of a domestic abuse crime, part of their sentence may involve probation. Probation is an alternative form of sentencing that allows you to serve your sentence outside of jail or more

    Domestic Violence

    How Long Does a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Last?

    In domestic abuse cases, the State of California permits victims to seek protection through protective orders like restraining orders. A domestic violence restraining order is a protective order that requires the alleged abuser to stay a minimum distance more

    Domestic Violence

    Will a Domestic Violence Charge Affect My Immigration Status?

    Many people risk their very lives immigrating to the United States. On their journey, they dream of better opportunities to make a living and keep their loved ones safe. The journey can, unfortunately, come to an abrupt end more