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    Domestic Violence

    What Does Domestic Battery Mean in California?

    California has stringent laws regarding domestic battery, which means that these charges can be life-altering if convicted. If you have been accused of domestic battery in California, you need skilled legal representation quickly as the impact can be widespread, more

    Domestic Violence

    Is Video Evidence Enough to Prosecute in a Domestic Violence Case?

    Can Video Evidence Be Used in Domestic Violence Cases? One of the most common incorrect assumptions people sometimes make about domestic violence cases is that video evidence is enough for a slam-dunk guilty verdict. However, this is erroneous more

    Criminal Defense

    Can Cyberstalking Be Considered Domestic Violence?

    Cyberstalking While domestic violence has traditionally been characterized as acts or threats of assault against another, the internet has cultivated an entirely new category of criminal charges in this legal area. From online forums to websites, there are more

    Assault & Battery

    How Credible Is a Child’s Testimony in Child Abuse Cases?

    Child Abuse Testimony Child abuse cases are typically riddled with emotion and stress for all involved. A child’s testimony is one of the components that can sometimes ratchet up the tension in such cases. While implementing this component more