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    Criminal Defense

    What Happens if You Violate a Protective Order in California?

    Individuals in California can seek restraining orders from the courts for a variety of reasons, and judges may issue them for civil or criminal matters. Among the most common reasons a person may seek a restraining order is more

    Criminal Defense

    How do Probation Violations Work in San Diego?

    Criminal judges in San Diego can decide whether to place individuals convicted of crimes on probation, depending on the nature of their offense and their criminal history. Generally, probation is reserved for nonviolent offenders and serves to free more


    What are the Consequences of an Under 21 DUI in California?

    Drivers under the age of 21 in California are subject to the same consequences of drivers who are 21 and older if they get a DUI charge. The situation is more severe, however, for underage drivers because the more


    More Than Half of Women Killed in San Diego are Victims of Domestic Violence

    San Diego is known as a friendly California beach town that has wonderful weather year-round. Several tourist attractions draw visitors from all over the country, and its proximity to Mexico and national parks makes it a prime destination more