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    Criminal Defense

    3 Steps to Take After Someone You Care About Is Arrested

    Receiving a call that someone you care about has been arrested can be shocking. Suddenly, in that moment, dozens of questions run through your mind, and all you can think about is what you can possibly do to more

    Domestic Violence

    What Are the Consequences of Repeat Domestic Violence Charges?

    Domestic violence negatively impacts the lives of everyone involved. From victims who sustain physical, emotional, and psychological harm to offenders who must face the legal consequences of their actions, these incidents strain familial bonds and hold individuals back more

    Domestic Violence

    Why Is It Challenging to Present Evidence in a Domestic Violence Case?

    Domestic abuse is a severe and pervasive problem in the United States. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 32.9% of women and 27.3% of men in California have been targets of intimate partner violence, sexual intimate more

    Domestic Violence

    What Happens to My Domestic Violence Case If the Victim Refuses to Testify?

    In California, some of the most challenging cases to prosecute successfully are domestic violence cases. These cases often have very little evidence, and what evidence is provided may be conflicting since the two parties involved tend to have more