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    Domestic Violence

    Will I Be Prosecuted for Domestic Violence If the Alleged Victim Doesn’t Testify?

    The following is a common situation: A person is charged with domestic violence, and the alleged victim does not appear or does not want to testify. Does that mean the accused person is free to go? No, the more

    Domestic Violence

    Is Verbal Abuse Considered Domestic Violence in California?

    Verbal abuse, in the legal sense, refers to using words to cause a victim harm. Verbal abuse takes many forms and looks different in every situation. One person’s social media tirade is another person’s walk in the park. more

    Criminal Defense

    Can I Still Own a Gun after a California Domestic Violence Conviction?

    Owning a gun can bring you peace of mind, especially if the purpose of possessing a firearm is household protection. You may own a gun for a hobby or a competitive sport. No matter your reasoning for owning more

    Domestic Violence

    How to Fight an Order of Protection after a Domestic Violence Accusation in California

    If you are ordered to appear in court for an ex parte hearing, you might be confused. You may have never heard the term ex parte before. Even worse, you might lose an ex parte hearing or fail more