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    Domestic Violence

    At What Point Does an Argument Become Domestic Violence in California?

    Many couples argue in relationships, but not all arguments are considered domestic violence in California. Sometimes, law enforcement arrests someone to break up an argument and prevent domestic violence from occurring. This is especially true when neighbors or more

    Domestic Violence

    When Is Self-Defense Justified in a Domestic Violence Case?

    Victims of domestic violence are sometimes forced to defend themselves if their partner attacks them or their children. In many cases, victims of domestic violence have legal justification to cause harm in the name of self-defense, even if more

    Criminal Defense

    What Is California’s Good Samaritan Law?

    Medical emergencies, often stemming from traffic accidents, occur every day. Sometimes life or death hinges on whether a passerby stops to help in these dangerous situations. This might include providing various types of medical assistance, even when untrained. more

    Criminal Defense

    What You Should Know About California’s New Sex Offender Registry Laws

    Sex offender registries in California and throughout the country have the rule that sex offenders must register for life. However, California recently changed its sex offender registry laws so that not every sex offender must register for life. more

    Drug Crimes

    How the Court Can Use Your Social Media Against You in a Drug Possession Case

    Technological advancements, especially the creation of social network platforms, have changed how people connect. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others allow us to share information and photos about our lives with others, provide opportunities to make new connections, and more

    Drug Crimes

    Under California Proposition 64 – Am I Able to Give Marijuana as a Gift?

    California Proposition 64 Under California Proposition 64, it is legal for individuals aged 21 and over to possess, privately use, and even give away up to an ounce of marijuana. This means that, in most cases, it is more