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    Assault & Battery

    Can I Be Charged With Assault if I Was Defending Myself?

    Californians who are made to feel unsafe or come under attack have the right to fight back and protect themselves from harm. Defending yourself and others from imminent harm is essential to maintain your safety and the safety more

    Domestic Violence

    Can Domestic Violence Charges be Expunged in California?

    Domestic Violence Charges Can domestic violence charges be expunged in California? A domestic violence conviction is a serious criminal matter and can flip your life upside down. Not only is domestic violence punished harshly in California, but convicted more


    Consequences for Resisting a DUI Arrest in California

    Being pulled over for a DUI is a frightening experience and is often many Californians’ first brush with the state’s criminal justice system. In the heat of the moment, some individuals may be tempted to resist the arresting more

    Domestic Violence

    4 Steps to Getting Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

    4 Steps to Getting Domestic Violence Charges Dropped If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, you may feel understandably stressed and overwhelmed. California takes domestic violence charges seriously, and those convicted may face heavy fines more

    Criminal Defense

    Can My Child Testify in Court During My Criminal Case?

    Can My Child Testify in Court During My Criminal Case? If a child bears witness to a crime like domestic violence, they may be subpoenaed to testify in a criminal court. Testifying before a judge and jury can more

    Criminal Defense

    The Difference Between Theft Robbery and Burglary in California

    Despite being different crimes that carry different penalties, many Californians use the terms theft, burglary, and robbery interchangeably. If you face any of these charges, it is essential to understand the difference and your legal options to protect more