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    Criminal Defense

    What to Do if You Fled the Scene of an Accident in California – Hit and Run

    Hit and Run In the state of California, a hit and run, also called fleeing the scene of an accident, can lead to both civil and criminal charges. The severity of any injuries or damages and the circumstances more

    Drug Crimes

    What Happens If You Are Caught With Drugs While on Parole in California?

    Drugs on Parole Being accused of a drug crime in California is serious. If you are on parole, you could be facing even more serious penalties than if you were simply charged with a drug crime without a more

    Criminal Defense

    Everything You Need to Know About a Wobbler Offense in California

    Wobbler Offense in California When you’re arrested for a crime in California, the court charges you based on the type of criminal activity alleged. A prosecutor evaluates the allegations and the relevant statutes and decides whether to charge more

    Criminal Defense

    Everything You Need to Know About Fake ID Laws in California

    California Fake ID laws California Fake ID laws make it a crime to show or possess a fake ID with the intent of using it to commit forgery. Being in possession of a fake ID in the state more


    Can You Go to Jail for Petty Theft in California?

    Petty Theft in California The term “petty theft” is often a misleading one, as it makes it sound like there may not be many repercussions if one is convicted. However, a conviction for petty theft in California can more


    Can You Get a DUI If You Sleep Off in Your Car?

    DUI Sleeping in Car Everybody knows it’s not legal to drink and drive. But what about sleeping it off in your car? Would you still receive a DUI if you’re in your parked car sleeping off your buzz more