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    Criminal Defense

    4 Reasons to Never Speak to Police Without a Criminal Lawyer

    Never Speak to Police Without a Criminal Lawyer Growing up, adults always told us that we could trust the police to be on our side. They may have even visited your elementary school and given a presentation advising more

    Criminal Defense

    Can Parents Be Charged if Their Child Commits a Crime?

    Can Parents Be Charged with Childs Crime? Childhood is a time for growing and making mistakes. As part of the growing process, young people of varying ages will often experiment with seeing how far they can push boundaries more

    Domestic Violence

    Understanding the Differences Between Family Court and Criminal Court in a Domestic Violence Case

    Criminal Domestic Violence and Family Court The law surrounding domestic violence cases can be complex. Domestic violence involves both family and criminal courts despite there being two distinct disciplines. Since domestic violence exists at the intersection of family more

    Domestic Violence

    Prosecuting Domestic Violence Cases Without a Victim

    Domestic Violence Prosecution Prosecutors may choose not to heed the wishes of an alleged victim even if they want to withdraw or drop the allegations. Prosecutors have many strategies for addressing domestic violence cases without a victim cooperating. more

    Criminal Defense

    Understanding Criminal Intent in California

    Criminal Intent In California criminal law, there are two essential factors to consider when someone is accused of a crime: what did they do, and what were they thinking? Lawyers ask the latter question to determine a crime’s more

    Criminal Defense

    Is Ignorance of the Law a Valid Legal Defense in California?

    Ignorance of the Law Laws are changing all the time, and they often vary from place to place. You could be out on the town enjoying the day with your friends and committing a crime without even knowing more