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    Criminal Defense

    Understanding Truancy in California

    Truancy in California Attending school is a daily practice for children and teens. California’s compulsory education law requires children six to eighteen to be enrolled in school. Although, there are exceptions when students legally ‘drop out’ early. When more

    Criminal Defense

    Are Self-Driving Car Violations Punishable in Court?

    Self-driving cars were once a futuristic and technological advancement. Still, now that it has come to life, it’s not uncommon to encounter cars with autonomous capabilities worldwide. Many consumers have purchased vehicles with different levels of autonomy, such more

    Domestic Violence

    What Evidence Is Collected From the Victim in a Domestic Violence Case?

    Domestic violence is a serious crime that affects many people every year. In 2018, 166,890 domestic violence-related calls were made to law enforcement in California, and many other incidents went unreported. Once a domestic violence incident is reported, more

    Criminal Defense

    Can a Case Be Dismissed if Miranda Rights Aren’t Read?

    Can a Case Be Dismissed if Miranda Rights Aren’t Read? Can a Case Be Dismissed if Miranda Rights Aren’t Read?  Under the fifth amendment, every person taken into custody by law enforcement for any suspected crime or violation more

    Domestic Violence

    How to Protect Your Children After a Domestic Violence Investigation

    Children look up to their parents for love, support, safety, and other vital needs. However, they also feel the negative impact of circumstances where a parent is accused of domestic violence. Despite this, there are safe and healthy more

    Felony Convictions

    Is Bank Fraud a Felony in California?

    The term ‘bank fraud’ describes an umbrella of fraudulent crimes targeting financial institutions. As a federal crime, bank fraud typically counts as a felony, and a conviction results in fines and time in prison. If an individual willingly more