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    When a DUI Accident May Result in a Second-Degree Murder Charge

    Learning that you have caused an accident and killed another person can be devastating. The shock of the accident and the knowledge that a life was taken can wreak havoc on your emotional and mental state. When an more

    Criminal Defense

    What are the Consequences of Stealing Mail in San Diego?

    While the country is in lockdown, many states are reporting a rise in mail theft. As more people stay at home and shop online (and wait for their stimulus checks), thieves are targeting packages and mail from the more

    Criminal Defense

    California Releases 3,500 Inmates Early Due to Coronavirus

    The coronavirus pandemic has swept the nation and has had a devastating impact on prisons and jails. As the virus spread through the California state prison system, the state government decided to grant early release to 3,500 inmates more


    What is a Federal DUI in California?

    Being pulled over and investigated for DUI is a frightening experience that can lead to stiff consequences. A DUI charge can have many lasting effects and impacts your life immediately. There are several types of DUI charges you more