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    Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence Crimes That Are Felonies

    Domestic abuse, or domestic violence, is defined as a recurring pattern of aggressive or harmful behavior used to hold power over an intimate partner or close relationship. When most people think of domestic violence, they visualize a romantic more

    Criminal Defense

    When Does Selling Weapons Become Arms Trafficking?

    While the Second Amendment protects an individual’s rights to own a firearm, California’s state laws around gun ownership are restrictive. The restrictions on gun ownership are set forth to protect everyone’s privileges while still keeping residents safe. One more

    Domestic Violence

    Can a Domestic Violence Victim Drop the Charges?

    While many may think that a victim can simply drop domestic violence charges, the victim does not have the authority to drop the case once they submit a charge. The state of California has the sole authority to more

    Assault & Battery

    Understanding the Differences between Assault, Battery, and Aggravated Assault in California

    Most crimes are categorized by the severity of the action, intention, and result. Assault, battery, and aggravated assault are all types of severe crimes that lead to harsh punishments. These crimes are often charged together, which causes many more