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    What to Do if You’re Under Investigation for Money Laundering in California

    Experts estimated that around $5 trillion each year is laundered, and law enforcement authorities only recover a small fraction of that amount. Despite the gap, U.S. agencies take money laundering investigations seriously. While we might think of large more


    Can I Purchase a DUI Ignition Interlock Device Without Getting a DUI?

    California uses an ignition interlock device (IID) as part of DUI probation. A professional must install the device in every car you own or drive. These devices require the individual to blow into it and provide an alcohol-free more

    Domestic Violence

    Why You Should Avoid Social Media after a Domestic Violence Arrest

    Technology dominates our lives, and it completely reshaped how we interact with others. Whether it’s sending messages through Facebook or photos on Snapchat, there are countless ways to communicate with friends and family. However, you communicate with others, more