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    Criminal Defense

    Can You Be Arrested After the Statute of Limitations for a Crime Is Suspended?

    The statute of limitations (SOL) is the time limit a government or legal body has to prosecute a crime. This is also the period within which law enforcement must find sufficient evidence to bring charges. In many cases, however, more

    Felony Convictions

    What Charges Count as a Strike Under California’s Three-Strikes Law?

    California Three-Strikes Law California three-strikes law is a criminal sentencing law that imposes harsh penalties for repeat offenders who have been convicted of at least three serious or violent felonies. Under this law, offenders who are convicted of more

    Criminal Defense

    Who Needs to Register as a Sex Offender in California?

    California Sex Offender Registry For those convicted of a sex crime in California, the consequences can be far-reaching beyond serving out their sentence. In accordance with California law, those individuals must register as sex offenders, which means that more

    Juvenile Crimes

    Does California Have Romeo and Juliet Laws?

    Romeo and Juliet Laws Romeo and Juliet laws focus on providing protection to teens who engage in consensual sexual activity with one another. These laws typically focus on reducing or eliminating the penalty for the older partner in more

    Domestic Violence

    Is Emotional Abuse Considered Domestic Violence in California?

    Experienced Emotional Abuse Lawyer in San Diego Learn more how an experienced emotional abuse lawyer can help fight for your rights.  In California, emotional abuse, also known as psychological abuse, is illegal and can be prosecuted as a more

    Criminal Defense

    A Guide to California’s Three-Tier Sex Offender System

    Three-Tier Sex Offender System On January 1, 2021, the laws regarding sex offenders in California changed. Many other states have passed laws that allow for registered sex offenders to remain on the registry for life. The goal of more