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    Can I Be Arrested for Possessing Medication Without a Prescription in California?

    MEDICATION WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION In California, healthcare professionals can provide a prescription for medications containing federally controlled substances, including physicians, dentists, and even veterinarians. However, if you’re found in possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, you more


    Can You Be Charged With Theft If You Accidentally Shoplift in California?

    ACCIDENTALLY SHOPLIFT IN CALIFORNIA You are in a hurry to get home and stop at the grocery store on your way home from work. As you’re grabbing other food, you grab two cases of water and you put more


    Do Neighbors and Employers Have to Know If You Are on the California Sex Offender Registry?

    When you have had a criminal conviction for a sex offense, your name will be placed in the California sex offender registry. In California, these charges are taken very seriously, and the conviction could remain on your record forever. However, more


    Guide to Fighting White-Collar Crimes in California

    White-Collar Crimes White-collar crime refers to a group of crimes committed in a business or governmental setting, typically for the sake of financial gain. While this type of crime results in significant costs for California and the companies more


    Is Fentanyl the Most Dangerous Illegal Drug in America?

    Most Dangerous Illegal Drug While alcohol and nicotine have long been considered the most dangerous drugs due to their pervasive use and known health impacts, they’re both legal for adults to use. When it comes to the most more


    What Are the Effects of a Drug Conviction for Non-U.S. Citizens?

    Drug Conviction for Non-U.S. Citizens People who are convicted of drug crimes in the U.S. face potentially serious consequences, including potential incarceration and fines. When the drug conviction involves a non-U.S. citizen, these effects can be even more serious, more