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    Criminal Defense

    What You Need to Know About Possible Changes to Bail in California

    The cash bail system in most of the United States has been heavily criticized as being unfair to those who do not have the financial means to get out of jail.  In San Diego, criminal defendants must pay more


    4 Ways Your DUI Could be a Felony in California

    A DUI may be one of the most severe offenses you could face a charge for in California. Whether at the misdemeanor or felony level, DUI could lead to several short- and long-term consequences that may impact your more

    Criminal Defense

    3 Types of Warrants You May Be Subjected to in San Diego

    Getting pulled over in your car is usually a somewhat minor inconvenience. Most people are pulled over for a small traffic violation like speeding, running a stop sign, or even forgetting to signal their turn. You might get more


    California Issues Statewide Stay At Home Order for Covid-19

    California became the first state in the nation to issue a Stay at Home order for all 40 million residents on Thursday, March 19, 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. Gov. Gavin Newson issued the order, more

    Juvenile Crimes

    Can a Minor Be Charged as An Adult in a San Diego Criminal Case?

    Research shows that the adolescent brain does not fully develop until later in life and that the prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that facilitates higher cognitive functions like behavior control, planning, and risk assessment — more