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    8 Little Known Facts About San Diego Shoplifting Charges

    San Diego Shoplifting Charges Shoplifting is an all too common offense in most of the country. It might not seem like a serious crime, but it can carry hefty consequences if you are convicted. Before you get caught more

    Criminal Defense

    California Arson Law – Can I Be Charged for an Accidental Fire?

    California Arson Law California is a state known for its wildfire season. Unfortunately, this means that the Golden State is also no stranger to arson-related crimes. While the majority of house and nature fires are accidental in nature, it’ more


    Can I Be Charged With Theft for Failing to Return a Rental Car?

    Rental Car Theft Renting a car can be extremely convenient, especially if your current car is being fixed or if you’re vacationing somewhere new. However, it’s important to be aware of all the legal necessities of renting a more

    Criminal Defense

    Can You Be Charged With a Crime for Cyberbullying?

    How serious of a crime is cyberbullying? In the eyes of justice, it’s more than meets the eye; depending on where you live, individuals who engage in this malicious behavior can be charged with a criminal offense and more

    Drug Crimes

    Who is Responsible if Drugs are Found in Your Car in California?

    Who is Responsible if Drugs are Found in Your Car in California? As the owner and operator of a motor vehicle in California, it is your responsibility to ensure that your car and its occupants are adhering to more

    Drug Crimes

    What You Need to Know About California Drug Trafficking Laws

    California Drug Trafficking Laws California has some of the harshest drug trafficking laws in America, which means that breaking these laws in any manner can possibly lead to serious repercussions, even if it’s a minor offense.  Drug trafficking more