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    3 Types of Warrants You May Be Subjected to in San Diego

    Posted on: April 10th, 2020 by Dod Law

    3 Types of Warrants

    Getting pulled over in your car is usually a somewhat minor inconvenience. Most people are pulled over for a small traffic violation like speeding, running a stop sign, or even forgetting to signal their turn. You might get a ticket and be on your way to your destination later than you had planned. But, if you have a warrant out for you, a traffic ticket situation can turn into a much more urgent situation.

    An active warrant can lead to an arrest. There are three types of warrants in San Diego you may be subjected to. In some cases, those with a warrant against them don’t even know about it. This may occur when you forget to appear in court. A seemingly minor slip can turn an ordinary traffic stop into a situation requiring urgent legal counsel. If you face a warrant in San Diego, contact San Diego criminal defense lawyer Dod Law as soon as possible to help you resolve the matter quickly. He can help you understand why you have a warrant, work with the court to settle the problem, and keep you out of jail until your next hearing.

    Let’s examine the three types of warrants you could face in San Diego.

    Understanding Bench Warrants

    What are bench warrants? A bench warrant is a summons issued “from the bench” (meaning by the court or judge) instructing the police to arrest a person who has failed to appear in court or is in contempt of court. 

    A bench warrant is the simplest type of warrant and can happen when you’re absent in court or if you fail to provide the court with requested information. If you’re on probation, for example, and do not prove to the judge that you completed a mandatory drug and alcohol program, the judge may decide to issue a bench warrant. With a bench warrant, you may be arrested whenever you interact with police, including at a traffic stop. In fact, this is where most bench warrant arrests take place because the officer who pulls you over must look up your information. When he enters your license information, your bench warrant will appear.

    What are Search Warrants?

    Search warrants are not arrest warrants, but they may do damage to your case if you’re already accused of a crime. They’re significantly different from bench warrants and may be challenging for any defense lawyer to have recalled. 

    A search warrant may be issued when the police suspect you’ve committed a crime. If the officer investigating the case can show the judge probable cause that you were involved in a crime, he can ask the judge to sign a search warrant. The warrant is a legal document that allows the officer to search your home, car, or workplace. Each search warrant has a limited scope and pace. This means if you’re suspected of robbery, police officers may only look for items related to that robbery. Guns, money, and even the clothes you allegedly wore during the robbery may be seized. By the end, police may give you a list of what they took during the search, but there is no guarantee that they will return your belongings.

    What to Do About an Arrest Warrant in San Diego

    Police officers may execute arrest warrants whenever and wherever they find you. You could be on the street walking to a place of business or driving in your car and be arrested. Judges issue these warrants when police officers have probable cause that you committed a crime. Once you are arrested, you can go to jail until you attend a hearing to learn your charges.

    It’s crucial to call a defense lawyer as soon as possible after learning about any of the above warrants. There are steps your lawyer can take to protect you from having the warrant completely disrupt your life. 

    Your lawyer may contact the local court to find out why you had a warrant, and he may be able to negotiate ways to reach an agreement with the court to get your warrant cleared. Sometimes, the matter is as simple as paying a fine. In more serious situations, you must report to the court to answer for severe allegations. 

    Resolve Your San Diego Warrant with Attorney Dod of Dod Law

    Regardless of the reason for your warrant, you can count on Attorney Dod of Dod Law to find an effective strategy for resolving the issue. Attorney Dod has provided competent and personal legal counsel for more than 17 years in San Diego and surrounding areas. He has more than 75 trials and 400 preliminary hearings under his belt, and is uniquely qualified by the California State Bar to handle capital offenses.

    Don’t sit in jail waiting for your turn to appear before a judge. Call our law firm at (619) 814-5110 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.

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