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    Can You Lose Your Professional License for a DUI? Penalties for a California DUI

    Posted on: April 19th, 2022 by Dod Law


    Penalties for a California DUICan You Lose Your Professional License for a DUI? Penalties for a California DUI

    Penalties for a California DUI can be serious. The negative consequences of driving under the influence can be life-altering. It may include jail time, rehabilitation programs, the use of ignition interlock devices, high fines, and loss of driving privileges. Not only can these repercussions have a severe impact on your day-to-day life, but they may also risk your job and livelihood in certain professions.   Learn more about whether you can lose your professional license for a DUI or crime in California and the penalties for a California DUI.

    In California, some professionals may be risking their licenses because of a drunk driving conviction; many types of licenses require mandatory reporting of a drunk driving arrest or guilty verdict. If you are potentially facing the possibility of losing your professional license due to a DUI arrest, speak to an experienced California DUI lawyer for an assessment of your case and an insight into how it may affect your professional license. 

    Can I Lose My Professional License for a DUI or Crime?

    What Professions and Licenses Are Affected by DUIs in California?

    There are various types of licenses and professions that are affected by DUI convictions. In California, this includes the following: 

    • Pilots 
    • Lawyers 
    • Doctors 
    • Pharmacists 
    • Nurses 
    • Dentists 
    • Real estate agents 
    • State employees 
    • Commercial drivers 

    The consequences of one or multiple criminal convictions vary by license because they are regulated by different types of licensing bodies, such as the federal government, the state, and others. Here is how a DUI may affect your profession: 

    How Do DUIs Affect Pilots?  Penalties for a California DUI

    The Federal Aviation Administration handles pilots convicted of a DUI. Under the FAA regulations, a pilot must inform them of any DUI or DWI arrest or any driving suspension due to this type of arrest

    Pilots have a deadline of 90 days to notify the FAA of their license suspension, DMV-related action, or chemical test refusal. They will also have to send a notification letter to the FAA explaining the type of violation and the date of the conviction.

    Pilots are also required to disclose any DUI arrests, convictions, or license suspensions as part of their medical application. Failure to notify the FAA may result in certificate revocation or suspension. 

    How Do DUIs Affect Medical Professionals? 

    Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals may face disciplinary actions for drunk driving arrests which are handled by the state board. For doctors in California, a drunk driving conviction must be reported to the medical board. 

    A lone DUI arrest may not result in any consequences; however, a physician may be placed on probation for multiple arrests or substance abuse arrests. This may also require treatment for alcohol or substance abuse. 

    Registered nurses may have to report their DUI arrest to the California Board of Registered Nursing and may be able to go through a diversion program to seek alcohol or substance abuse treatment. They may also have to face additional disciplinary actions before a board, depending on the circumstances of the arrest.  

    How Do DUIs Affect Commercial Drivers? 

    Anyone holding a CDL, such as commercial drivers, may get a commercial DUI with a BAC of 0.04% or higher. A first-time offense may result in license suspension for up to a year. A second offense may result in the loss of a CDL license and driving privileges. 

    Potential Consequences for a DUI Conviction 

    A licensing board may take numerous disciplinary actions after a DUI arrest for drugs or alcohol. The consequences are dependent on the licensing body and the severity of the violation. If you have a history of multiple DUI arrests, a hit-and-run DUI, or an injury-causing DUI, you may be facing more serious penalties. 

    Consequences of a DUI conviction may include:  

    • Practice restrictions or supervision
    • Practice monitoring
    • Probation
    • Warning letter
    • Citation
    • High fines
    • Temporary license suspension
    • Permanent license suspension
    • Community service
    • Diversion program
    • Substance abuse treatment
    • Drug or alcohol testing
    • Substance abuse education
    • Limited professional duties

    Some disciplinary actions impact an individual’s ability to work, such as license suspension. In other cases, it can be career-ending. If you are facing consequences due to a California DUI, speak to an experienced DUI lawyer for an assessment of your case and legal guidance. 

    Speak to a Seasoned California DUI Lawyer at Dod Law

    If you have been arrested or convicted of a DUI charge while holding a professional license in California, speak to a seasoned DUI lawyer at Dod Law for an assessment of your case. After diligently evaluating the details of your case and evidence against you, we will use all resources available to fight any DUI accusations or charges. We are adamant about helping you protect your rights, freedom, and livelihood. Speak to Attorney Dod for award-winning representation and a chance in obtaining a successful verdict in your DUI case. 

    Attorney Dod at Dod Law, APC, ardently advocates for you and is proud to offer committed, detail-oriented representation. He has worked on 6,500 successful criminal cases and is a trusted ally in helping protect your professional license in California. We may diminish your penalties or potentially get them expunged if you are facing license revocation or suspension. Speak with a seasoned California DUI lawyer by calling (619) 814-5110 or filling out our contact form.

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