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    Don’t make these mistakes at a California DUI checkpoint

    Posted on: October 9th, 2019 by Dod Law

    With police throughout San Diego County cracking down on driving under the influence, it’s critical to understand the steps you can take to avoid trouble. Furthermore, if you come face-to-face with a DUI checkpoint, knowing what you should and shouldn’t do improves the likelihood of avoiding an arrest.

    Here are five of the most common mistakes drivers make at a DUI checkpoint:

    • Suspicious driving: This can include everything from stopping and starting to switching lanes. If it’s anything that gives an officer reason to take notice, it’s something you want to avoid.
    • Open alcohol container: This is a surefire sign that you’ve been drinking and driving. Even if you’re not under the influence, it is illegal to drive with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle.
    • Talking back: Even if you don’t like the way the officer is treating you, remain respectful throughout your interaction. If you talk back, it gives them more of a reason to dig deeper. It could also lead to an arrest for another crime, such as obstruction of justice.
    • Complaining about your legal rights: Don’t tell the officer that it’s illegal for them to stop your vehicle. Don’t explain your legal rights. This goes along with talking back. Don’t say anything that will raise suspicious or draw the ire of the officer.
    • Remain calm if you’re put under arrest: It’s frustrating, embarrassing and scary, but if you’re put under arrest for driving under the influence you should remain calm. Fighting back can result in additional criminal charges, such as resisting arrest. You’re best off using this time to make note of exactly what’s happening, as the knowledge you collect can help you prevent a conviction.

    When you avoid these mistakes at a California DUI checkpoint, you increase the likelihood of driving through it without any trouble.

    If stopping at a checkpoint results in your arrest, don’t immediately assume that you’ll face serious consequences, such as a large fine and jail time. There are steps you can take to protect your legal rights and avoid a conviction. Choosing the right DUI attorney will give you the confidence you need to move through the legal process in California.

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