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    How Credible Is a Child’s Testimony in Child Abuse Cases?

    Posted on: May 10th, 2022 by Dod Law

    Child Abuse CasesChild Abuse Testimony

    Child abuse cases are typically riddled with emotion and stress for all involved. A child’s testimony is one of the components that can sometimes ratchet up the tension in such cases. While implementing this component is meant to bring about a first-person perspective, rarely is this the result. Dod Law is well-versed in the tactics implemented in child abuse cases via a child’s testimony. As a seasoned California child abuse lawyer, Attorney Dod will review your case to determine how much any such testimony might even be relevant. 

    It is always crucial for lawyers to tread lightly when dealing with a child’s testimony in a child abuse case. They are often more susceptible to the power of suggestion than adults and may be intimidated by the setting and lingo used to litigate child abuse cases. 

    Common Issues With Children’s Testimony 

    Given the gray area found within different parenting styles, the challenge of using a child’s testimony in a child abuse case is that the “abuse” being described may simply indicate your parenting style. Sometimes, children make up details in their testimony out of fear of the parent. Other times, they may do so because of an impending divorce or lingering childhood traumas. 

    Children are also sometimes too young to accurately recall events as they happen. They may sometimes mix up pertinent details, making a situation look like child abuse when it really wasn’t. Even if they recall information accurately, they may be led in interviews or cross-examinations to mix up the facts because of a legal or courtroom setting. 

    How a Criminal Defense Attorney in California Can Help

    When you hire the team at  Dod Law, one of the first things we do is review your case to develop a legal strategy that will get you the best possible outcome. Our goal is to protect your rights, future, and any children involved in your case. Compelling a child to give testimony in a child abuse case may not always be the best option, and it is one that we would consider very carefully before recommending it. While a child’s testimony can, on occasion, be credible, numerous extenuating circumstances may create more challenges in getting a child to provide a precise accounting of the details regarding the alleged abuse. 

    Whatever the reason for inaccuracies (or sometimes even outright falsehoods) in children’s testimony in child abuse cases, it happens more often than you might think. A seasoned California child abuse lawyer can help strategize ways to exclude this testimony entirely or at least properly assess the benefit of asking a child to undertake such a monumental task. 

    Schedule a Free Consultation With a Trustworthy California Child Abuse Lawyer

    Determining the viability of a child’s testimony in a child abuse case is tricky because children are often not mature enough to understand the implications of this process. Many possible extenuating circumstances may play into the information they share, which is one of the reasons you need a skilled California child abuse lawyer by your side. At Dod Law, we know that children aren’t to blame for any lack of credibility in their testimony, but that instead, they are sometimes the pawn of unscrupulous adults that may coach them on what to say while giving their testimony. Attorney Dod will advocate vigorously for your rights and work to prevent children from testifying in legal proceedings that often far exceed their mental and emotional understanding. 

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