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    How Many DUIs Can a Person Have Before Their License is Permanently Terminated?

    Posted on: May 13th, 2024 by Dod Law

    How Many DUIs Can You Get

    How Many DUIs Can You Get

    You may receive up to four DUI convictions before California attempts to permanently terminate your license. If you want to prevent your license termination, you can contact a criminal defense attorney to request comprehensive representation each time you face DUI accusations.  How many DUIs can you get?  Learn more.

    The consequences for a history of DUIs include more than a permanent license termination. If you don’t make an effort to challenge back-to-back DUI charges, you may face fines you can’t pay alongside several months or years in jail. Don’t let these consequences get away from you. If you think your license may be on the line, contact Dod Law so we can help you challenge the charges brought against you and protect your right to drive. 

    When Are You At Risk for a DUI?

    California’s intoxicated driving laws are as strict as any other state’s. If police officers believe that you’re engaging in reckless behavior on the road and you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over 0.08%, you may face DUI charges. If you’re younger than 21, the consequences leveled against you may be particularly severe.

    Officers can take legal action against you even if your BAC is under the legal limit. If you cannot successfully complete a field test or if you refuse to participate in a field test, the state may strip you of your license or arrest you. Likewise, refusing to engage with a breathalyzer or blood test allows officers to immediately arrest you on suspicion of a DUI.

    What Are the Consequences for a DUI?

    The consequences you face for a DUI will vary depending on the severity of your alleged intoxication as well as your criminal history. License suspensions specifically worse over time, with offenses breaking down as follows:

    • First-time DUIs may see you lose your license for up to nine months
    • Second-time DUIs may see you lose your license for up to two years
    • Third-time DUIs may see you lose your license for up to three years
    • Fourth-time DUIs may see you lose your license for up to four years

    Most of the time, you will have the right to request a license reinstatement at the end of your suspension. The state requires you to pay a reinstatement fee of $125 to safely return to the road. You must also submit proof of “financial responsibility,” or insurance coverage, before receiving your new license.

    When Can the State Permanently Terminate Your License?

    You risk permanently losing your state driver’s license if you face four or more DUI convictions within a 10-year period. Likewise, the state may permanently revoke your license if your DUI results in the injury or death of another person or if you were on probation for another DUI at the time of your arrest.

    How Can You Fight Back Against DUI Charges?

    You can face the risk of a permanent license termination if you have a long history of DUI convictions on your record. However, you have the right to work with a criminal defense attorney any time you face unreasonable DUI charges. You can connect with Dod Law to request a defense against officers who:

    • Misinterpreted the data related to your BAC at the time of your arrest
    • Acted in bias against you
    • Engaged in illegal activities at the time of your arrest
    • Violated your rights while processing you for alleged criminal misconduct

    Our team will work hard to keep you in possession of your license in the long run. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can start building a defense in your name.

    How many DUIs can You Get – Call Dod Law Today 

    You don’t have to resign yourself to the consequences of an unwarranted DUI charge. If you’re at risk for permanently losing your license, get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney. You have the right to challenge wrongful DUI charges and protect your right to drive on California’s highways.

    You can contact Attorney Dod with Dod Law today to learn more about your right to defend yourself against wrongful DUI charges. Contact us at our San Diego office (619) 814-5110 | Orange County office 949-681-7020  | Vista office 760-814-6025 | or schedule an appointment by filling out our online contact form to book a free defense evaluation today.

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