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    Three men arrested in alleged attempted theft

    Posted on: December 10th, 2019 by Dod Law

    Three California men were arrested for their alleged involvement in an attempted burglary. Police booked the men into an area jail, where they are facing a number of different criminal charges. Those charges include possession of burglary tools and other theft-related charges.

    In late Nov. 2019, police received a report concerning what someone thought was an ongoing theft. Officers responded to the area and apparently did not notice anything amiss until they were in the process of leaving. A car was parked nearby with three men in the trunk with the trunk door only partially closed. They also located a vehicle that was being held up by a car jack, with exhaust pipe cutters left attached to the vehicle’s catalytic converter.

    Aside from the three men, police say they also found drug paraphernalia and drugs in the trunk. These were not found during a search and were supposedly in plain view, although officers did search the vehicle and discovered items that indicated possible involvement in what the police termed an attempted theft. One of the three men also had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation.

    Theft and related charges can have severe criminal consequences in California. Defendants often prioritize minimizing those consequences, which generally involve jail time and fines. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for accomplishing this, though, so each defendant must determine for him or herself which path to take. For some, this could be negotiating plea deals for lesser charges. Others find success by fully fighting their charges throughout criminal court proceedings.

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