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    Understanding the Domestic Violence Arrest and Investigation Process in California

    Posted on: October 20th, 2021 by Dod Law

    Understanding the Domestic Violence Arrest and Investigation Process in CaliforniaIn the United States, it has been reported that one in four women, one in nine men, and one in fifteen children will be exposed to domestic violence each year. This frightening statistic shows the urgency of the issue that is domestic violence in the United States. If you have been accused of domestic violence in California, you should consult a criminal defense lawyer to help you understand what the domestic violence arrest and investigation process entails. 

    Dod Law is a criminal defense law firm with extensive experience helping clients in California who have been accused of domestic violence. Understanding the domestic violence arrest and investigation process can help you be prepared and understand what your rights are. 

    What Happens During a California Domestic Violence Arrest?

    Typically, a domestic violence case begins when law enforcement is called for assistance. When officers arrive on the scene, they will likely separate the parties involved and take their statements separately. After the statements are taken, the following steps may take place:

    • Law enforcement will attempt to determine who the aggressor is
    • The aggressor will be arrested for domestic violence
    • Police will ask the victim if they wish to press charges or want an emergency protective order
    • Even if the victim does not wish to press charges, the aggressor will still be arrested
    • The arrested party will go to jail and be required to post bond before they are released
    • If children were present during the incident, a copy of the arrest report will be sent to the Department of Public Social Services

    If you have been arrested for domestic violence and are facing a domestic violence trial, you should reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you with your case. 

    What to Know About California Domestic Violence Investigations

    When a domestic violence suspect has been released on bond, they will be provided with a future court date. Once the arrest report has been generated, a detective will be assigned to investigate the incident. When the investigation has begun, the following may happen:

    • The detective may follow up with the alleged victim and may take another statement from the victim, suspect, or witnesses
    • The suspect may present the detective with evidence
    • If the detective believes they have enough evidence to charge the suspect, they will submit the case to a prosecuting agency for filing consideration
    • The detective may suggest what charges would be appropriate or if they should be convicted of a misdemeanor or felony charge

    Having a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with experience handling criminal defense cases on your side is crucial during the California domestic violence investigation process. 

    Get Help From a California Criminal Defense Lawyer

    If you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is crucial you get in touch with an experienced California criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Having a criminal defense lawyer on your side will ensure that your rights are protected during the arrest and investigation process. 

    Attorney Dod of Dod Law has over 17 years of experience helping victims who have been accused of domestic violence in California. Attorney Dod understands the damaging consequences of a domestic violence conviction which is why he is proud to provide his clients with the personalized and award-winning representation they deserve. To schedule a free case review, contact Attorney Dod here or call (619) 814-5110.

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