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    What Evidence Is Collected From the Victim in a Domestic Violence Case?

    Posted on: November 12th, 2022 by Dod Law

    Domestic Violence EvidenceDomestic violence is a serious crime that affects many people every year. In 2018, 166,890 domestic violence-related calls were made to law enforcement in California, and many other incidents went unreported. Once a domestic violence incident is reported, a case opens, and pertinent evidence is collected from a victim. Typically, the term violence describes various scenarios, including verbal, emotional, mental, sexual, and physical abuse. Examples of evidence include tangible images, videos, property damage, and others.

    If you have been arrested or accused of domestic violence, speaking with an attorney may benefit your case and help you protect your rights. At Dod Law, our skilled attorney understands the sensitivity and complexities of domestic violence, and we are available to review your case and provide legal representation to help you.

    Which Types of Evidence Are Collected From Victims in a Domestic Violence Case?

    Evidence is an essential aspect of any criminal case. In attempting to prove a guilty verdict in domestic violence cases, the prosecution must establish criminal intent and prove that the perpetrator inflicted harm in the familial or romantic relationship. Typical forms of evidence collected from a victim includes the following:

    Images and Recordings

    In cases involving physical and verbal abuse or violence, images of bodily injuries and recordings of verbal abuse may be presented in a case. Since images and audio recordings are tangible forms of evidence, they may be permissible in a courtroom.

    Videos and Surveillance Footage

    Much like images and audio recordings, investigators may collect video and surveillance footage to support a victim’s claims of when and where an altercation occurred. Whether a violent confrontation occurs within the home or in a public setting, video evidence can be analyzed for proof and is permissible in a courtroom.

    Property Damage

    Another type of evidence in a domestic violence case is property damage. Depending on the circumstances of an altercation, proof of property damage may be permissible in a court case. Prosecutors may use damage to cars, windows, homes, cell phones, and other property belonging to the victim to support their allegations.

    Medical Reports and Physical Injuries

    Many times, physical violence leads to severe injuries and necessary medical treatment. In these cases, medical records, reports, and evidence collected in the hospital or while seeking medical care may be used as evidence to support a victim’s claim. Defenders may ask for expert testimony from physicians or experts in violence cases to elaborate on reports and physical injuries.

    Testimonies of Victims and Witnesses

    Another critical aspect of any criminal case is the testimony of victims and witnesses. Depending on the circumstances of violent altercations and varying forms of abuse, witness statements and that of a victim are pertinent to a case. Prosecutors and attorneys may review testimonies and question the witness on the stand to lead a judge or jury toward making a decision.

    Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney May Help You After a Domestic Violence Accusation

    Being accused of abusing or harming another individual, especially in the case of intimate partner violence, is challenging. If arrested, you may face varying penalties, jail time, and damage to your reputation. These accusations are severe, and you should know of your right to seek counsel from an experienced attorney.

    At Dod Law, our domestic violence attorney may help you in these ways:

    • Proving a lack of intent in your case
    • Proving self-defense
    • Discrediting false allegations
    • Demonstrating a lack of concrete evidence
    • Refuting the prosecution’s claims
    • Helping you understand your rights

    Although domestic violence cases can be challenging to prove in court, hiring a skilled attorney may help you ensure your rights are protected. Any errors and untrue allegations can be uncovered within an investigation and truthfully presented to a jury or judge in your case. Our legal team is dedicated to representing clients to the best of our ability.

    A Domestic Violence Lawyer at Dod Law May Help Your Case by Refuting the Prosecution’s Claims

    Undergoing the legal proceedings of domestic violence cases can be difficult for anyone involved. Especially when children are involved, you may face penalties such as jail time, losing custody rights, and other unfortunate circumstances. At Dod Law, attorney Dod Ghassemkhani has 18 years of experience leading successful cases in almost every type of criminal charge.

    If you are facing allegations of domestic violence, consider contacting our legal team for a consultation with our California board-certified lawyer. We have handled cases resulting in lesser penalties, dropped charges, and other reasonable alternatives to fines and jail time. Complete a contact form or call us at (619) 814-5110 to schedule a free consultation.

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