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    What Happens at a Jury Trial for a DUI Charge in California?

    Posted on: April 1st, 2022 by Dod Law

    DUI Charge in CaliforniaDUI Charge in California

    DUIs can turn your life upside down, and most people believe that DUI cases can’t be defended. After being pulled over with a DUI, offenders that blow over the legal limit automatically assume that they should go to court and plead guilty. However, there are many people who have obtained a successful outcome in court with the help of a DUI defense lawyer.  What Happens at a Jury Trial for a DUI Charge in California?

    A DUI could potentially have lasting negative repercussions on your life. Working with an experienced DUI defense lawyer can help mitigate some of the penalties you might be facing. At Dod Law, we are seasoned in litigating the terms of your DUI and even sometimes achieving a dismissal of your case. If you are planning to fight your DUI charges in court, speak with an experienced California DUI lawyer for legal guidance regarding how to proceed in a jury trial. 

    Should You Proceed in a DUI Jury Trial in California? 

    More commonly, the prosecution in a DUI case will not allow for a DUI offender to go completely unpunished, which is a possibility you have to take into consideration in any DUI jury trial. The amount of evidence obtained to prosecute the offender could be extensive, but your DUI defense lawyer may deem your case defendable. This could mean that the odds of success are higher. 

    Jury trials in DUI cases are extremely unpredictable, which can be risky but rewarding. An experienced lawyer knows the legal complexities of how to properly defend DUI offenders in a jury trial and understands that oftentimes law enforcement officials violate the offender’s constitutional rights during the course of the arrest and investigations. In these types of instances, the probability of case dismissal or not guilty verdicts is higher. If you are ready to take your case to court, consider these questions before pleading not guilty and going to trial: 

    What Does My DUI Attorney Advise? 

    A California DUI attorney has extensive experience in assessing your chances of having a favorable outcome in court. Consulting a DUI lawyer should be your first step before considering pleading not guilty and going to trial. Skipping this vital step can be disastrous for you and your future if convicted of a DUI offense. 

    What Plea Bargain Options Are Available to Me? 

    If prosecutors feel that you may have a successful chance at winning your case, you may be able to favorably negotiate a plea bargain before your trial. Through a plea bargain, you may be offered a favorable outcome that allows you to avoid trial, high fines, and high attorney fees by accepting minimal punishments for your offense. Through this mutual agreement, you may be able to negotiate an outcome that seems best for you and your future. 

    Can I Afford to Go to Trial for a California DUI Charge? 

    Something you may want to consider is that going to trial will often cost a fair amount of money in attorney fees and other costs. If your case is unsuccessful, you will have to pay court costs, fines as a result of your conviction, as well as your attorney fee. When considering going to trial, speak with an experienced DUI lawyer for an assessment and in-depth evaluation of your case. If they determine that you have a good chance, they will fight ardently for you. 

    Ultimately, it is your decision to weigh the risks in going to trial and whether the risks outweigh the penalties you are potentially facing. Consulting a lawyer can help you make the best decision for your future and civil freedoms. 

    What to Expect in a DUI Jury Trial in California

    DUI jury trials can be difficult to litigate, and knowing what to expect can help prepare you for the rigorous nature of these cases.  The average length of a DUI jury trial is about three to five days. In a jury trial, the decisions fall on 12 people who have to agree on a verdict, as opposed to bench trials where decisions are made only by the judge. This makes jury trials more advantageous for offenders looking for a favorable outcome. Here is what to expect in a jury trial: 

    1. The jury trial commences with the selection of the 12 jury members that you and your attorney feel would be most favorable to listen to the evidence you have gathered. 
    2. Once the jury has been selected, the prosecutor makes an opening statement explaining what they are going to prove in this case. Additionally, the defense will also make a statement explaining the difficulties in the prosecutor’s argument. In some cases, the defense may also save their opening statement until they begin their case. 
    3. The prosecution will then begin their argument. You can expect the arresting officer to describe the nature of the stop, the chemist may weigh in on the accuracy of the alcohol test, and witnesses may also make a statement. 
    4. Next, the defense will begin their argument and question witnesses, usually experts that challenge the accuracy of the alcohol test. Then, you may be called as a witness to explain the circumstance of the arrest. 
    5. After all the evidence has been presented in front of the jury, the prosecution and defense will make a closing statement, and the prosecutor may have one more chance at a rebuttal. The jury will then deliberate and make a decision based on the facts presented. 
    6. They will reach a guilty or not-guilty verdict. 

    Working with a seasoned California DUI jury trial lawyer can help the outcome of your case. Your lawyer will work to gather and assess all evidence in order to defend you before a jury. Defending yourself can be catastrophic for your future employment, civil liberties, and reputation.  

    Speak With a Seasoned California DUI Lawyer at Dod Law 

    Speaking to a seasoned California DUI lawyer at Dod Law can help you reach the best decision of whether a jury trial for your DUI charge is optimal for you. After extensively evaluating your case for the chances of success, we will exhaust all resources available to build a solid case in order to lessen penalties or potentially drop the charges against you. Going to a jury trial for a DUI charge can be overwhelming and risky if you are attempting to fight alone. Relying on Dod Law will give you the opportunity to rest easy knowing that we will passionately fight for you. 

    Attorney Dod at Dod Law, has an extensive 17 years of experience defending those who are looking to go to trial for their California DUI charge. We will passionately advocate for you and exhaust all of our best resources in order to achieve the best outcome for your DUI case. Attorney Dod has worked on 6,500 successful criminal cases and is a trusted ally in getting the dedicated legal help you need. We may diminish your penalties or potentially get them expunged. Speak with a skilled DUI lawyer by calling (619) 814-5110 or filling out our contact form.

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